New 4G GSM entry range

Introducing a new range of 4G GSM intercom systems, strengthening our offering in the market.

The new range of 4G GSM audio intercoms are available in all of Videx’s GSM models which includes the popular 4000 Series kits for developments with up to 50 apartments, the GSM digital version that caters for up to 1000 apartments as well as the vandal resistant range and the 2270 unit which can be integrated with Videx’s flagship VX2200 system.

The 4G GSM range also boasts some new features including temporary dial to opens with programmable expiry times to accompany the temporary codes already available on the 2G and 3G versions, which are ideal for short term visitors to a property as their access rights automatically expire and you don’t need to deauthorise access when they leave.

Our comprehensive GSM offering is highly versatile and convenient, providing an excellent access control and entry system for a wide range of properties and developments. The new 4G range strengthens our presence in the GSM entry market providing businesses and homes across the UK with even more choice when it comes to highly secure, convenient and flexible entry.

The 4G intercoms can connect to 4G (with HD audio using VoLTE), 3G and 2G networks offering audio calls to any telephone number. Additional features include proximity access control, coded access and dial to open too. Other features include free access periods, access control time bands with access levels to limit certain users access to particular times and days and event logs which can be downloaded remotely and viewed online enabling a simple way to keep track of the system’s use.

Additionally, by using the web browser events portal it’s possible to setup alerts to events which are outside the norm where an email can be sent as notification of these events. For example, when someone needs access to a building outside normal hours. The events can be further adapted with the facility to label the intercoms and the outputs with meaningful names so that the events can be easily understood at a glance.

The new 4G range is also fully customisable meaning additional coded access keypads and proximity readers for other entrances can be added and conveniently managed from one place. We’re also able to manufacture bespoke entrance panel sizes and styles too.

The IPURE IP range now with an array of new features

We have added a series of new features to its IPure IP range, expanding the versatility of the system in providing a high-quality entry solution for a wide range of buildings.

The Videx IP system is an expandable system which can be customised to suit a range of entry needs, accommodating up to 42 apartments using conventional call button modules and vandal resistant panels or a digital call panel option able to call up to 10,000 apartments. All entrance panels are available with voice annunciation to aid visitors during the call progress and proximity access control.

The new features include a 7” touch screen handsfree video monitor, a 3.5” touch screen handsfree video monitor, an audio IP telephone and the Cloudbox which allows additional programmable input/output to be added to the system as well as being a gateway to using the app in apartments which don’t have a video monitor. The new hands free video monitors complement the existing 3.5” touch screen videophone with handset. Up to 16 devices can be included in each apartment with advanced cascading flexibility if required.

IP controlled entry is one of the most convenient and flexible solutions available. The huge benefit of IP technology is that it doesn’t require dedicated wiring infrastructure and can be used on existing networks. These networks can be shared with other technologies such as CCTV, building management and many others including FTTH/PON infrastructures.

By adding even more features to our IP offering, we’re offering great flexibility and greater convenience. A new user interface has been introduced which complements the look and feel of the system across all platforms and can also be rolled out to existing systems through a firmware upgrade.

What’s more, our IP system is managed through a simple PC wizard programme which allows the installer or engineer to completely customise the system to the building’s requirements. The wizard will detect all the devices on the system allowing each to be setup as required and will also advise of any new firmware available. Using the wizard, the system can be connected to the cloud allowing users of the iOS and Android apps to receive calls, recall entrance panels with video and activate any of the outputs.

SIP is now supported across the range allowing it to be integrated into third party SIP telephone systems. For further integration, the door panels now include an RTSP server allowing video to be streamed to third party systems and http api to be used by third party systems.

The 7” monitor with full touch screen also has a number of added features which builds on the vast range of features already offered on other video monitors in the range. These include third party camera integration using RTSP with support for H264 & H265, home automation integration, picture in picture viewing, a built-in web server to access event logs, captured images and videos to play back and an optional Wifi connection. Further features can be added with a simple firmware upgrade.

IP Concierge Introduced to Videx Flagship VX2200 Door Entry System

A new IP concierge station is now available for the VX2200 digital door entry system, which offers both audio and video communication, via a LAN or WAN connection.

This provides huge access control and caller assistance benefits because the IP concierge can be used to link multiple systems which would normally be stand alone to a central monitoring station or concierge. This is particularly useful when one concierge operator is responsible for multiple blocks of apartments or the concierge is remote from the apartments, for example based in a control room.

Introducing the IP concierge to an existing system is very simple, only requiring the addition of one interface module per block of apartments, a PC which can run both the client and server software if required and a desk mount telephone. The concierge can be used to intercept calls from entrances and apartments, respond to alarm calls from apartments and make calls to apartment and entrances. What’s more, settings can be customised per apartment and an event log is kept which can be viewed via a web browser.

The system is ideal for residential apartments or flats where a concierge can be contacted by both visitors and tenants alike, giving them additional peace of mind and security and a point of contact should they need it. If a problem does occur with the WAN or LAN connection which means the IP concierge might be disconnected and go offline, each apartment block will switch to a standalone mode allowing the system to function as normal.

The CSW2220 IP concierge runs on an off the shelf Windows PC. Conversations can take place using either the Videx USB handset or any other handset or headset connected to the PC’s sound card. It also provides the benefit of call management screens, enabling control of all incoming calls from VX2200 intercom door stations through to apartments. It will prove hugely useful to existing and new residential developments that require a concierge facility, providing a 24/7 point of contact to those who live there and visitors.

Updated App Launched for Videx IP System

The Videx CloudNected Client app enables users to manage their IP video calls remotely via their own mobile phone so they can answer calls from wherever they are whether that’s from home, the workplace or even on holiday.

With the app, users can completely manage entry via from their mobile device, creating the most convenient and secure entry. It means users can open a gate without a remote control, for example, or receive a vide call and authorise entry with a simple touch, whether they’re at the property or not.

The Videx IP system is an expandable entry system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building and can utilise a buildings existing cable infrastructure.

With the new app there’s no limit to the number of devices a user can manage. If required, a user can also link more apartments of the same system or even different systems for example such as a person’s main home and also a holiday home. It means access management is easily available all in one app.

What’s great about the new CloudNected Client app is that it doesn’t require any configuration.

It mirrors the associated videophone, performing all of its functions. You simply need to register your profile and scan the QR code with your smartphone camera which will allow the app to be associated to your videophone and all the functions and settings will be automatically transferred.

You also don’t need to worry about missing a call because if you can’t answer the phone, you can scroll the call list to catch up with all the calls logged. All notifications are “push” and they will be displayed even if the app is closed or if the screen of the phone is locked. You won’t need to open the app to answer a call.

The Videx CloudNected Client also shows the mode of the devices (online, offline), and the mode of each function (on/off) giving feedback of the services. If you need more privacy and don’t want to be disturbed by any call, or just want to exclude a function, you can disable it through the app and you can enable it again when preferred.

New National Sales Manager at Videx

Videx Security has appointed a new National Sales Manager following the departure of Neil Thomas.

James Gray, who has been with the company for over a decade, becomes the firm’s National Sales Manager after Neil left the company following a 20-year career at Videx. Neil has moved out of the access control industry, relocating to Cyprus.

In his role as National Sales Manager, James is responsible for maintaining and growing Videx’s sales pipeline across the UK. He will manage and oversee the Videx team of Regional Sales Managers, Key Account Managers and Sales Estimators.

James will also play a key role in developing Videx’s existing relationships with the company’s network of distributors, wholesalers and security installers.

John Rickard, Managing Director at Videx, said: “James has been with the company for a considerable time and, as well as being highly skilled and experienced, he fully understands how Videx operates and is committed to the long-term future of the business.

“James’ tenacity and desire to drive us forward even during tumultuous times is an asset to Videx as we continue to grow the business and develop a wider range of products to a larger customer base.

“This year, we’re focused on bringing new products to market and building on our success which we’ve achieved through our in-depth knowledge of the industry and relationship-focused approach to growth.”

Prior to his new role, James was the Senior Projects Lead, responsible for managing the firm’s biggest access control and door entry projects. Because of this, James has an extensive understanding of the access control market and in-depth knowledge of Videx and the services and products it provides.

James added: “It’s great to be appointed as National Sales Manager and I am looking forward to developing our relationships with distributors and installers across the UK.

“Working closely with my team of regional sales managers and senior leadership, I’m focused on raising our profile, particularly with local authorities, to help meet the entry needs of a wide range of public sector organisations including schools, hospitals and housing developments.”

New National Lockdown: business as usual at Videx

Following the latest government announcement of a third Covid-19 national lockdown, we wanted to let you know that Videx is open and fully operational as usual, operating in a Covid safe environment.

Where possible, some employees will work from home. For those employees who can’t work from home including operations and distribution staff, we have implemented the following Covid health and safety measures to safeguard our staff and any essential visitors:

  • A thermal camera is installed at reception in the Newcastle factory to protect staff and visitors from exposure to anyone with an elevated temperature which could be a sign of Covid-19. The state-of-the-art Dahua body temperature scanner scans all employees and visitors as they enter the building, recording their body temperature as they pass through our reception area.
  • The entrance to the reception area is controlled by a Videx IP intercom system and the Videx Portal Plus proximity access control. The exit from reception into the factory and offices is also controlled by proximity access control.
  • All employees and visitors must wear masks while on site
  • Disinfectant hand sanitiser stations have been installed at all entrances
  • Protective screens have been installed in all work areas to minimise any transmission risk
  • Air purifiers are now installed in communal offices.
  • A comprehensive deep clean of the factory in Newcastle takes place every two weeks
  • Social distancing rules and a one-way system have been implemented to ensure social contact is kept to a minimum

Our Newcastle office is open 8.30am to 5pm and our London office, as well as our London collection point, is still open too, from 10am to 4pm.

We are following government guidance and we will keep you updated with any important changes.

Your continued support is much appreciated. If you’d like to get in touch, please call us on 0370 300 1240.

Important update on deliveries

We wanted to make you aware of changes to DPD delivery options which will come into effect on Monday 23rd November.

From this date, DPD will not be able to offer timed deliveries, these will be paused until January 2021. This is due to the run up to Christmas and the second lock down adding additional pressure to the delivery network.

For Videx, it means our morning deliveries will be impacted – they could arrive at any time during the day. Special deliveries (PRE10 and PRE12) will not, unfortunately, be available until January.

Although our stock is plentiful and we’re working as hard as possible, like usual, to despatch orders the day we receive them, we would advise to leave extra time for delivery when placing orders.

The combination of online purchases and a second lockdown in England means there is a lot of strain on the national delivery network, something that will likely continue into the New Year, so please be mindful of this when placing your orders.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused but we assure you that we’re working 100% as normal to turn your orders around.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact 0370 300 1240 or

Business as usual in unusual times

As England’s second national lockdown begins, we just wanted to let you know that as an essential manufacturer and supplier, we are open as usual.

To ensure we were fully prepared for any further disruption and lockdown situations, we have focused on increasing our stock over the last few months. As a result, we don’t expect our stock levels to be affected during these challenging times.

Our team is also working as usual and fully operational, either at their usual workplace or from home, including our regional and national sales managers.

Whatever you need, whether that’s technical support, advice on systems or products required, or would like to place an order, we are here to help.

Our Newcastle office is open 8.30am to 5pm and our London office, as well as our London collection point, is still open too, from 10am to 4pm.

We are staying abreast of the ongoing pandemic situation and will update you if we need to with any new information.

Thank you for your continued support and if you’d like to get in touch please call us on 0370 300 1240.


Celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day

Cerebral Palsy is a condition close to our hearts and minds. It’s why we established The Videx Charitable Trust.

We wanted to help as many people as possible living with Cerebral Palsy and, through the Trust, we’re able to do that. The Trust raises money for the purchase of highly specialised equipment that’s required to accommodate the physical needs of those living with cerebral palsy and help make their lives easier.

This is why, to mark this year’s World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6, the Videx Charitable Trust has donated £3,000 to The Bobath Centre. The Centre is a specialist treatment centre for cerebral palsy that aims to improve the quality of life for children and adults so that they are healthy and active and can participate in everyday life to the best of their ability.

John Rickard, Managing Director, Videx UK, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has caused devastating effects on charities across the UK, hugely impacting the amount they’re able to fundraise through they’re usual group-based activities.

“The Bobath Centre does an incredible job in helping the lives of so many children and young people in leading a higher quality, more independent life so we wanted to make a contribution that would create a real difference to the lives of Bobath Centre members.

“There was no better way to do this than on World Cerebral Palsy Day.”

To find out more about The Videx Charitable Trust, please visit:

New Apps & features for Videx Web Server Access Control System

We have recently introduced a new firmware for the WS4 web access control system along with two new apps.

The WS4 can manage up to 20 entrances locally or remotely from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a web browser to connect to the system and it’s very easy to install. It can also hold 2,500 proximity and coded access users, each with up to two proximity fobs and store up to 50,000 events which can also be viewed online or via the app.

Two new apps are now available, making the system even more convenient to manage. The admin app allows system managers to simply add, edit or remove users on the go and additionally give them a real time event log and status updates on the system’s health by indicating power issues or alarm events. The administrator is also able to open any of the entrances via the app.

The user app provides a great alternative or addition to the user carrying a proximity fob or remembering an access code. Users of the app are setup via the web portal and can be given access through selected entrances on any of the developments or buildings the WS4 manages. They can also be restricted to certain days and times and the ability to set an expiry date – a useful feature for short term users such as visitors or temporary staff.

The WS4 is one of the most secure and convenient access control systems on the market. It’s easy to install, standalone and the entire system can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world via a web portal – you only need an internet connection.

The new apps create even more benefits to those managing the system with the admin app giving greater control to the system’s administrator to ensure the system is running smoothly and providing an easier way for it to be modified as and when it needs to, which can all be done remotely.

The user app enables specific user profiles to be created meaning administrators can drill down into the specifics of authorised entry, whether that’s via selected entrances or only allowing some users access to certain buildings or sections of a building or property on certain days and times.

The WS4’s web portal provides highly intuitive access management capabilities enabling multiple developments and buildings to be managed from one convenient web page. 1, 2 & 4 door control cabinets are also available with options for connecting to the network via an Ethernet connection or via the optional 4G router for those applications where an Ethernet connection is not available. All controllers can be combined up to 20 doors if required (using a maximum of 10 cabinets).

Additional features of the WS4 include security alarm integration where a user can set or unset the alarm system from an access control reader, a lift interface option using an additional relay card, coloured proximity fobs for easy management of users and email alerts for both managers and engineers.