We’ve launched our YouTube tutorials!

We are very excited to tell you that we have introduced the first in a series of useful tutorials to our YouTube channel that are aimed to talk you through the setup of our systems and provide ‘how to’ guides in circumstances where you need to learn about a system or feature quickly.

The first videos focus on MiAccess, our standalone offline proximity system that’s ideal for a wide range of buildings that have single or multiple entrances. This includes offices, residential homes and small guest houses, as well as fitness centres, caravan parks and small hotels. The beauty of the offline access control system is that it can be part of a multiple entrance (80 maximum) system without the need to cable between devices. This means that it’s extremely easy to install and very cost effective too, ideal for smaller installations saving installation time while still maintaining system flexibility.

Our first video provides an introduction to the system and our second video demonstrates what to do when an entry card needs replacing.

Please keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we will be populating it more and more with similar tutorial and demonstration focused videos!

MiAccess, an introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKGS-ddXB_U

MiAccess, card replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNC1-3T4JMw

Celebrating 33 Years In Business!

We recently celebrated our 33rd anniversary and what an amazing (and busy!) 33 years it’s been!

Our innovation and development continues to evolve and this is all down to the incredible team at Videx.

We’d just like to say a huge thank you to our staff and wonderful customers for their long standing support, commitment and passion for the access control sector which has enabled us to stand proud at the forefront of the industry, developing new products and systems to meet your ongoing and new entry needs.

Here’s looking forward to our 34th birthday!

Our Annual Charity Golf Day is 21!

We’re so proud to be hosting our charity golf day for the 21st consecutive year on Friday 31st August at Old Ford Manor in Hertfordshire!

The event is aimed to raise as much money as possible for The Videx Charitable Trust so that we, as a charity, can buy equipment for those living with cerebral palsy, to help them lead a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

On the day, approximately 60 golfers will enjoy brunch followed by a single player and putting competition.  The event ends with dinner, an award ceremony, a blind auction and raffle. All money raised will go directly to the Videx Charitable Trust and be used to buy equipment for those in need.

John Rickard, Managing Director, at Videx Security said: “It really is a fantastic event and we’re hoping this year’s is better than ever. Last year, we raised over £11,000 on the day, which was wonderful. The Videx Charitable Trust has been set up to help children and adults with cerebral palsy and every single penny donated goes towards this. The Golf Day raises such a valuable amount of money and we’d like to thank everyone who is taking part and donating prizes – it’s very much appreciated and will make a difference.”

If you would like to offer a raffle or auction prize to the golf day, or make a financial contribution, you can do so by visiting the Trust’s website www.vidextrust.com or if you’d prefer to do this directly, please email: trustees@vidextrust.com

Portal Plus Offering enhanced with lift interface

The Portal Plus access control range has been enhanced by introducing a lift interface relay unit that enables the operation of a lift to be controlled by the access control system.

Portal Plus is Videx’s networkable access control system that supports proximity, keypads and bio access readers. It’s used in many applications across the private and public sector and is scalable from simple one entrance systems through to multiple entrances with local or remote management facilities.

The lift interface relay unit enables the calling of the lift and the restricted use of the lift to users programmed on the access control system. It can be used to enable the lift buttons or allow direct floor selection. It’s an ideal access control solution for the management of a lift in commercial premises and residential developments.

The RB0408 unit is a great addition to the Portal Plus range because it means access can be restricted to certain floors as well as certain rooms within a building, offering additional security to those who live or work within the building. This can be especially useful in shared buildings, such as office blocks, where each floor might be occupied by different tenants where they’re only allowed access to their own floor, and also in residential developments for restricting entry to tenants to the floor they live on, in high rise flats for example.

The RB0408 includes 8 relays to control up to 8 floors. Using more than one RB0408, it’s possible to control lifts for up to 32 floors. The RB0408 also includes LED indication when a relay is active which is useful for an engineer to see which floors have access when a user operates a reader. Four inputs are also included to enable, disable and override the lift control.

Users of the access control system can choose either an access code, proximity fob/card or their finger print to call the lift. Programming is carried out using the Portal Plus Pros CS management software where the lift control integrates seamlessly into user access level programming enabling each user to be independently programmed so that they can gain entry to one or more floors based on their access rights and time restricted access.

The lift controllers are simple to connect and setup, utilising an RS485 bus to connect to the Portal Plus EWSi controller and includes dip switches to address the unit. The unit can be added to the system control cabinet, directly wall mounted or mounted on a DIN rail.

Berkeley Lodge Chooses Videx

Videx Security, the experts in access control and door entry, was recently chosen to provide a replacement door entry system for Berkeley Lodge, a privately-owned apartment block in Ashtead in Surrey that consists of 9 flats.

Built in the late 1990s, the existing door entry system at Berkeley Lodge was aging, and the system had poor speech quality and a lot of interference and crackling on the line. Installer Olympic Security Systems advised that repairing the existing system would probably not address all the issues and that they therefore recommended that a new, modern door entry solution should be installed using the same infrastructure and wiring.

Martin Sturmey, who lives in one of the flats and is responsible for the block’s day-to-day management, said: “After a bit of research, we decided that the best option was to install a new system and reviewed a range of solutions from various manufacturers. We decided to go with the Videx 4000 panel with 3000 series audio handsets. It was clearly the best system for meeting all of our access control requirements. For example, the modular nature of the 4000 series enabled us to have just the 9 buttons that we needed. It could also be flush fitted and, importantly, it looked very clean, smart and fitted in with its surrounding environment. The 3000 series handsets were marginally larger than our existing handsets and therefore could be fitted without any decoration issues. They also looked very good and allowed each resident to set the call tone volume, a useful feature that we didn’t have with our existing handsets. What’s more, the system could be fitted using the existing wiring which was a major plus point of the project.”

Olympic Security Systems supplied, installed and commissioned the new system. The installation went very smoothly, with the entire system installed and up and running on the same day. As no new wiring needed to be done, the installer simply had to carry out a straight forward system replacement, meaning downtime was minimal.

Ben Davies, South East Sales Manager at Videx, said: “Our 4000 series audio and video entry panel systems are hugely popular because they can meet a wide range of access control needs. The system can be customised for any application range, from smaller installations such as residential and private housing applications like Berkeley Lodge, to large installations including local authority and housing association properties.”

The 4000 series carries a number of features that makes the door entry system a lot easier to use, helping manage access control better. For example, the back lit keypad and graphical LCD display, voice annunciation, call progress for up to 998 apartments and 2800 proximity fobs/cards, are all designed with the end user in mind.

Martin Sturmey added: “The residents really like the new system and have commented on the attractive design of the panel and the handsets as well as the excellent quality of speech. Although we opted for a fairly simple audio system, the fact that Videx offered many more advanced facilities as part of the 4000 series gave us confidence that the system would work well. We would definitely recommend Videx kit for anyone looking to replace an existing door entry system.”

Videx Adds New Matt Black Monitors to Hands Free 6700 Video Entry Series

The monitors, which feature a 7-inch-high resolution colour LCD screen are now available in both a matt black or satin white finish for a number of our popular door entry systems.

Video door entry is a very popular access control choice because it enables a resident to see and talk to a caller prior to opening the door which offers additional peace of mind and security as they have the option to deny access to a caller without having to open the door first. Our 6700 series of hands free monitors carry a number of advanced features such as entrance recall, door release, a do not disturb function and an optional video clip record facility while maintaining ease of use and installation.

The monitors are available with a video memory feature that can be used with or without a Micro SD card to capture an image or short video of a caller enabling the occupant to see any visitors they may have missed throughout the day. Without the Micro SD card installed, the 6700 Series is able to store up to 100 still images of the caller while with a Micro SD card it’s possible to store up to 4096 still images or up to 512 15 second video clips of callers. The facility can be used manually where the user can press a button to either take a picture of the caller, start recording a short video clip or it can be used in an automatic mode where the picture/video clip will automatically be taken when a visitor calls – allowing the user to review any missed calls when they arrive home. The Micro SD card can also be removed allowing the images and video clips to be used in another device such as a mobile, tablet or PC.

Due to popular demand, we are now able to offer the monitors in a matt black  soft touch high end finish as well as the standard satin white finish, so that they complement any surrounding area or environment, as well as providing a great access control solution. With the video monitors, there’s also a number of programmable features such as ring tone, privacy time and number of rings allowing each apartment to be customised to the client’s needs.

Currently the monitors are available for the full video kit range, VX2200 6 wire system for low and high rise apartments and the VX2300 2 wire system enabling these monitors to be used in one apartment systems through to systems with up to 1000 apartments.

Videx Introduces Online Product Builder

The renowned Product Builder application is now available online. It includes all the features in the original CD Product Builder that enables you to create an access control solution to meet your specific needs, in an easy-to-use step through wizard.

The online Product Builder is both desktop and mobile friendly and can be used with any browser on Windows, Android and Apple iOS devices, with any size screen. It’s just the same as the CD version and works via a log in system where users can keep track of their system builds and share with others if they’d like to, via email.

Key features of the online Product Builder include a dashboard, where users can see their current and previous builds. They can view, edit, print, create a PDF of their build, and choose to email and share with others if they wanted. The online version provides a very simple 6 step wizard to build any type of system and create a parts list with prices, parts descriptions and images.

Users can also customise printouts and PDFs with their company logo and address, set discount structures and mark up prices and also stipulate what systems they prefer, with the ability to use only these systems they prefer or stock, so that the tool provides a tailored experience to each user.

To register for the online Product Builder, please visit www.videxbuilder.com and choose the ‘register’ option.

Videx Launch New IP Intercom Range

The new IP intercoms are ideal for a wide range of installations including office blocks, apartment complexes, hospitals and commercial buildings enabling the door entry system to utilise existing networks saving both cost and installation time.

The Videx IP system is available as a convenient kit and as an expandable system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building. 12 gauge, 316 grade stainless steel vandal resistant entrance panels are available along with the popular 4000 Series modular style, all with a wide angle colour camera and with 1 call button up to a maximum of 42 call buttons and an input for an optional second camera.

The kits includes a wall mount 6200 series videophone and the entrance panel which is available in standard or vandal resistant form with surface or flush mounting options. The videophone includes a touch screen 3.5” colour display enabling the end user to customise a range of settings as well as initiate calls to entrance points, neighbours and internally to other extensions with the facility to have up to 16 videophones in each apartment or office. An event log can also be viewed on the videophone with a video capture feature to see missed callers. The kit also includes a 1.25A 12Vdc power supply which can be used to power the entrance panel, a lock release and the videophone if required. The videophone can also be powered via POE from a POE switch.

The beauty of IP systems over conventional systems is that IP systems don’t need dedicated wiring infrastructure and can be used on new or existing networks. These networks can be shared with other technologies such as CCTV, access control, building management and many others.

Bespoke panel sizes are also available upon request. Available with engraved legend or back lit name plate windows and incorporate call progress LED’s to assist a caller. Entrance panels and videophones all have two relay outputs, two inputs and RS485 connectivity which can be used for a variety of functions such as door/gate release and activation of auxiliary functions.

IP systems are generally very flexible and can allow for connections over an unlimited distance while utilising existing LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G infrastructures using the Videx iOS & Android apps. Installers are now very familiar with IP technologies allowing them to use existing knowledge and experience gained while installing other security systems such as access control and CCTV. IP systems offer greater flexibility to the installer, making it very simple to expand and alter a system as the need arises.

We’ve Launched The Videx Charitable Trust Website!

We are OVER THE MOON to announce that the Videx Charitable Trust website is now live!

The aim of the Trust is to raise money to purchase much needed equipment for those living with cerebral palsy, so that they can lead better, easier and more comfortable lives.

We take part in various fundraising activities throughout the year – most notably our annual charity golf day – to raise funds for the Trust, to help adults and children with cerebral palsy participate in everyday life as best they can. Activities include park runs, cake bakes and other events.


If you’d like to make a donation to the Trust, you can do so via the website or if you’d like to donate directly please email: trustees@vidextrust.com

Videx Wins ADI Supplier of the Year Award

We are delighted to win ADI’s Supplier of the Year Award 2017. ADI Global Distribution has the largest branch network in the UK security industry so beating 300 suppliers to win the accolade is a huge achievement!

Each UK ADI product manager selected their top five suppliers, which all ADI employees reviewed and picked a winner based on a range of criteria including customer service, product availability, and technical support. The competition was tough but Videx beat the other finalists to secure the award.

Commenting on the win, Sian Luxton, Key Accounts Manager at Videx, said: “It’s amazing to win Supplier of the Year, considering how many other providers we were up against. The award is definitely well deserved and is an absolute credit to the Videx team who, across multiple departments, from tech support to the estimating team and accounts, has delivered first rate service consistently across the year, providing the ADI team with what they need, when they need it. Well done!”

The award, which was announced at a recent conference attended by ADI Global Distribution staff and suppliers, recognises the expertise, diligence and commitment of the Videx team. Videx has been working with ADI for over 20 years and has developed a strong and stable relationship with the international distributor, which has enabled us to get our wide range of access control and door entry systems in front of the right audience, to help meet their physical security requirements.