Videx Strengthens MiAccess Access Control Range

Introducing a new handle for the range of MiAccess proximity readers. The HL1000-MF provides an ideal access control solution for small to mid-sized installations including offices, guest houses, industrial units and schools.

The Mifare proximity handle can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a system including MiAccess readers and other accessories, such as the AL500-MF handle.

The HL1000-MF is an extremely versatile door handle and lock that can provide access to an unlimited number of users, access to one or more doors, and can restrict access whenever it is required therefore making it ideal for different access control solutions.

“It’s very easy to install and use too; all you need is the handle, a PC and a USB desk reader for programming alongside the user’s cards or fobs. User cards and fobs are programmed at the PC and then issued to the users without the need to visit the site or development to programme anything further; saving time and cost because no wiring connections or power supply are required.

Fobs are also available in a range of colours to further simplify the management of the system. It is compatible with both the PROA MS and PROH MS MiAccess software, where programming, configuration settings and event logs of the built-in reader can be transferred between the PC and the reader. This is carried out via the micro-USB or with programming cards where the programming information is transferred from the card to the reader. User cards can be created via the software with the PROX-USB desktop enrolment reader where access rights can be registered directly onto each corresponding card.

The battery powered handle can be used internally or externally and has a robust stainless-steel body and handle. It also includes a dead lock with a key override facility to the secure side and thumb turn release for the inside. Two override keys are included.

It can be used on up to a maximum of 80 doors, has an unlimited user capacity and up to 3,500 events can be logged. There are four variants of the handle which can be used for inward or outward opening doors and doors which open to the right or the left.

The handle is powered by 4x standard AA batteries giving on average 60,000 opening cycles.

We’re 35!

This week, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary in a birthday milestone year that we’ll no doubt all remember!

Back in January, no business could have imagined the shockwaves that the COVID-19 pandemic sent across all industries in all corners of the world. In all of our 35 years we had never experienced this kind of event which I am sure many other companies can resonate with too.

Despite the uncertainty, we have managed to continue trading during lockdown and beyond, adapting quickly to the changing customer demand. Some of our flagship systems, which we are renowned for within the access control and door entry market, are still going strong and demand for our GSM and IP kits have even increased during the pandemic because of the convenient access control management they both provide.

To ensure we meet emerging customer requirements, we have also launched a new touch free range of access control solutions to help businesses create COVID-secure environments as we return to a new normal.

It’s been a wonderful 35 years, and this is testament to the great team we have here at Videx including our administrative assistants, our tech experts, our sales managers, our estimators and our dispatch, production and repairs team too. We would also like to say a big thank you to our clients and customers of which many we have worked closely with for decades, through the good and the bad.

2020 has definitely been the year of resilience and strength – Happy Birthday to us!

New touch free entry range to help businesses return to normal

The range offers both exit buttons and entrance panels in a touch free format using infrared sensor technology, providing a no touch solution for companies as they focus on creating a COVID secure environment for their employees, partners and customers.

As businesses return to normal, health and safety is the key priority. With our touch free entry panels, it means visitors can alert someone of their arrival without needing to press a button. The panels can also include proximity access control, allowing authorised personnel to enter the building touch free. Both surface and flush exit buttons are also available to allow users to exit without the need to press buttons.

The panels and buttons are compatible with a number of Videx systems including our IP system, two wire video kits and leading GSM kit. The panels and exit buttons, which are for internal use unless appropriately protected externally, boast several key features including adjustable activation range (3cm-15cm) and activation time (from 0.5 seconds to 20 seconds). All panels are IP55 rated and require a power input of 12Vdc. They can operate in a temperature change from -20 degrees to 75 degrees.

The new touch free range can offer better protection against COVID-19 transmission and other viruses too that can spread from touching common use surfaces and devices. We can also provide fully customised options, offering bespoke entry panels and exit buttons that are in keeping with the surroundings of the building.

Training via Zoom is now live!

Although our face to face training sessions are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still able to offer our full range of training services to you via video conferencing.

Led by our highly experienced training manager, Brian Spiers they offer the same level of expertise, knowledge and guidance that you would receive in person.

We’ve chosen to use remote conferencing facility, Zoom to ensure we can carry out group sessions to you, our valued customers, and help to minimise disruption to the ongoing learning and development of your engineers and installers.

Here’s the lowdown on how works:

  • Group training with up to 5 engineers/installers
  • Date and time to be prearranged with you. Following this, Brian will send a link via email to each of the engineers set to join the training session
  • The engineers will see Brian’s screen and the session will commence

It really is that simple!

Visit to register your interest in our training.

Free carriage

For those customers who would normally collect their orders and want to keep their interactions to a minimum, and in line with government guidelines on restricting none essential human interaction we have decided to offer all orders carriage free, we will not charge our standard carriage charge for orders under £250.00 during this period.


This will apply to our standard 1-2 day service to the UK mainland only.


You can email, fax, or call your order through.   If you wish to pay online please call for our bank details.



Telephone: 0191 2388318

Fax: 0191 2245678


We are continuing with service as usual and will keep you informed of any changes.


Business as usual at Videx…

These times truly are unprecedented, but we are committed to being as agile and responsive as possible to the coronavirus pandemic and impact upon day to day business operations.

We have been operating as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the access control and door entry market for 35 years now. Because of this, we have survived and thrived through economic downturns and political instability. We feel no different about COVID-19.

Our business plays a critical part in the security industry and will continue to do so as the country responds to the coronavirus outbreak.

Our operations are running as normal, it’s just our approach has fundamentally changed for the duration of the current global crisis.

Employees, where possible, are working from home. This includes all administrative, sales, technical, training and our sales managers are all available to take calls and answer any emails. Visit for contact details. Our trade counter in our London office is closed as well as our receptions at both the Newcastle and London premises but we are still able to despatch your orders (Free of charge to UK mainland) as an alternative to visiting us.

For those employees that can’t work from home, we have implemented split working shift arrangements which enables staff to continue doing their job but abides by the social distancing regulations.

Our designated production areas in the Newcastle warehouse are also completely separate and each have their own entry and exit to and from the warehouse. Those who are entering and exiting our facilities are alone and must ensure they follow strict hygiene practices during their time at work.

From a distribution perspective, all orders are delivered, free of charge for UK mainland, to customers so no one needs to come to the London or Newcastle base to collect their orders.


John Rickard

Managing Director


25th March 2020

New engineers app for the GSM intercoms

The new app  which complements the existing GSM app includes a new host of features that’s compatible with all GSM models and enables an engineer to programme an unlimited number of sites and intercoms that they’re responsible for to help manage them all more effectively and conveniently.

The new app provides a wide range of convenient, user friendly features that help make an engineer’s job easier.

Within the app, installers can store useful information about the site such as the address and site contact details and they’re able to programme all apartments and buttons, access codes, proximity fobs, dial to opens, time bands and general settings too.

Events for each intercom and site can be viewed from within the app, which are also stored on a cloud server and sent directly from the intercom to the cloud allowing them to be viewed on multiple devices.

Additionally, there is an advanced settings page and a diagnostics tools section to assist the engineer should they need to diagnose a problem. Installation manuals and a useful help section can also be easily accessed within the app too.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and allows the intercoms to be programmed via SMS. All the intercom settings are stored on a cloud server which offers the advantage to allow multiple engineers to share the data on their devices and also offers peace of mind as the data is backed up automatically.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store free of charge. Once downloaded, installers will need to register via the app. Registration can take up to three working days while the user is verified as an installer or engineer.

Chair donation for Newcastle Power Chair Football Club

Newcastle Power Chair Football Club has received a generous donation to help them continue their achievements in the sport.

A power chair, which costs £8,345, has been mainly financed by Videx Charitable Trust. The charity raises money for the purchase of highly specialised equipment that’s required to accommodate the physical needs of those living with cerebral palsy and help make their lives easier.

Power Chair football is a unique sport that provides people with disabilities, including those living with cerebral palsy, an opportunity to play football. The same key principles of a standard 11-a-side football game applies to a game of power chair football.

Rob Thompson, Player-Coach at Newcastle Power Chair Football Club, said: “We can’t thank the Videx Charitable Trust enough for their extremely generous donation.

“Our team offers an opportunity for those in wheelchairs with physical impairments to play a sport they love.

“The support really is valued and will help us in our quest to win the National Championship League that we’re currently sitting at the top of.

“We have such a talented and committed squad and the chair greatly enables us to continue to make football accessible to those with disabilities and enhances our performance on the court.”

Rob Thompson has been coaching the powerchair football team for 18 months but has played the game since he was 16 years old. With the help of his colleague Jamie, Rob is helping his team become the best in the division and vital donations such as the Videx Charitable Trust power chair are instrumental to the success and longevity of the football club.

John Rickard, Managing Director at Videx Security, said: “The main aim of the Trust is to reach individuals and families across the UK, affected by cerebral palsy, to help make their lives easier and better.

“When I heard about the Newcastle Power Chair Football Club, I really wanted the trust to get involved and I am so pleased that we’ve been able to finance one of the highly specialist power chairs they need to play their games.

“I wish the team the best of luck this season in their hopes for silverware; it’s been great to help them in their pursuit of winning the National Championship League.”

For more information about the Videx Charitable Trust, please visit:

WS4 Web Server Access Control

The WS4 can manage up to 20 entrances locally or remotely from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a web browser to connect to the system. Additionally an app is available for both iOS and Android.

The WS4 can have up to 2,500 users and store up to 50,000 events which can also be viewed online or via the app. The system also has up to 250 programmable access levels to restrict access to certain days and times for users.

The WS4 is designed to ensure installation and use is extremely easy and flexible. There’s no need for a dedicated computer or requirement to download specific software; it’s completely managed via the web server.

Operators simply need to register online with their serial number to start using the system’s software application and get it up and running.

The heart of the system is the WS4 controller available in a one entrance, two entrance and four entrance control cabinet complete with battery backed power supply. The cabinet includes an Ethernet connection to connect to a LAN or the internet allowing programming and management to be carried out from anywhere.

What’s extremely attractive about the WS4 is that full management of the system can be carried out remotely. This can include the adding and deleting of users, the changing of settings and the viewing of event logs. Up to 10 operators can be setup with different access rights. For example, an administrator/manager or an installer or monitoring facilities only. Additionally, the firmware of the devices can also be updated remotely.

Mifare proximity readers and coded access keypads connect to the control cabinet via an RS485 link further simplifying the installation. Readers are available as a standalone surface in the compact black finish of the mini range of readers and can also be integrated into door entry panels, both vandal resistant and modular.

Email alerts to inform the administrator or engineer of certain situations such as mains failure, devices offline or doors left open can also be set up. These can be categorised specifically too, so that the right person is alerted to any issue. For instance, offline device alerts can be emailed to the engineer, and ‘door open too long’ events to the system manager. Additionally, a daily or weekly email can be scheduled to inform the administrator or engineer of the health of the system. i.e. all online and connected to the internet.

New enhanced 4000 Series keypads

Introducing a new range of 4000 series keypads that offer improved features and functionality.

The new range includes three new models that replace the existing keypads and now feature a new adjustable backlit keypad that’s available in a new matt finish 316 Marine grade stainless steel (Suffix /M) or mirror finish stainless steel.

The new 4000 series keypad range provide great flexibility, features and convenience to users. Each of them have a backlight that can be adjusted to the brightness users need whether that’s full brightness all the time, full brightness only when in use, low light level or no light at all. The back light level can be set for both standby and for during operation. The new keypads also carry an impact rating of IK07 and an IP rating of IP6X.

The three new keypads are the 4901, a direct replacement for the 4800, the 4902, which replaces the 4900 but with the added benefit of up to 1000 codes, and the 4903, a brand new keypad that’s been specifically designed for the GSMPRO range of intercom systems.

The 4901 includes three relays, each with one access code, two push to exit button inputs and can be powered from either 12Vac/dc or 24Vac/dc. The 4902 includes two relays and 1000 access codes while up to 400 access codes can be stored in the 4903 plus an additional 32 temporary access codes that can be programmed for a duration of 1 – 255 hours before expiring automatically. The 4903 can also be programmed remotely via SMS and the GSM app. Additionally, the 4903 also includes the same programming menu as the 4800 for backward compatibility. All codes can be 4 – 8 digits in length and be programmed to operate a relay from 1 – 99 seconds or used to latch and unlatch a relay.