The KLASS monitor for IPURE

Introducing the new Klass Monitor. This latest innovation in the IPure range combines the latest technology and modern design to provide a leap forward for smart building entry solutions.

The Klass Monitor provides a wide range of smart integration with various systems, including building and home automation, third-party CCTV picture-in-picture, anti-intrusion, full video and speech intercommunication and access control. Built on standard IP protocols, it guarantees limitless integration with third-party devices, enhancing both security and system customisation.

The monitor boasts a range of smart features including a proximity and light sensor for automatic screen activation and adjustment, both of which can also trigger automations with third-party systems. The picture-in-picture integration enables a real-time, multi-angle view of any desired entryway, allowing for a much safer and secure method of guest entry. All functionalities can be easily controlled through the Videx App, which mirrors the intercom’s user-friendly interface.

Its ultra-slim profile and tempered glass finish make it a perfect addition to any high-end application. At its heart is an embedded Linux system for maximum reliability and a built-in browser for comprehensive system management. Additionally, it features a chronothermostat for precise temperature control, enabling users to manage room temperature, set and modify desired temperature programmes and display humidity levels.

The Klass Monitor’s integration capabilities and advanced features set a new benchmark in the door entry system market. It embodies our commitment to providing high-performing, reliable solutions that cater to the needs of modern smart buildings.