Video Door Entry Panel for individual apartments

The KR-AV offers individual residential apartments a door entry solution for visitors who have already gained access to the communal main building. The KR-AV enables an additional entry point outside individual apartments so residents can see the visitor on their videophone, talk to them and grant or deny access.

Ideal for residential apartment blocks because it provides added security and peace of mind by enabling residents to verify that they are opening their front door to the person they have allowed initial access to the building and not someone else who may of gained access by other means.

We have developed the KR-AV based on customer feedback and a demand from clients who wanted a door entry solution that could provide greater security within buildings. What’s more, the KR-AV is also useful for residents with disabilities which prevents them from being able to answer their front door in other ways.

The KR-AV is available as a flush mount internal video door entry panel available in white (KR-AV-W) or black (KR-AV-B) finishes or a surface or flush vandal resistant entry point. For use with the VX2200 system, the panels can be used either standalone or as part of a larger system where each individual apartment also needs a local entry panel next to their front door. Features include an integrated colour camera and call button. The internal units also include a service button (to switch on a light or other service) and a coded keypad for resident access control.

A bespoke solution, designed to meet your access control needs

At Videx, we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to access control and door entry. Every business and every organisation is different. Access control management requirements therefore vary, which is why our service is fully flexible and adaptable to the needs of businesses on an individual basis.

Whether it’s a public or private building, a school, a social housing development, a hospital, an office block, a private residential home or a distribution centre, we can meet your access control needs. Our systems provide the upmost security as well as a design and look that is compatible with its surroundings. We have in-depth technical knowledge of door entry systems and provide lifelong product support for the systems we supply, wherever they’re installed.

An off-the-shelf solution is not always suitable which is why Videx can create unique systems. We manufacture and provide a wide range of door entry systems from audio and video solutions to GSM, concierge and biometric readers which each carry specific features to meet your entry and security obligations.

Our bespoke service is not just limited to the look, size and feel of the external door panel. We can also fully adapt the system’s software to meet the end user’s needs. For example, with our video door entry systems, we have increased viewing time up to 10 times as long as the standard time for those clients who have requested it. We have also provided bespoke software options which allow multiple doors to open upon authorisation and remain open following very specific commands from the user.

With our customised, client-centred approach we:

  • Provide bespoke door entry panel sizes which can be beneficial when upgraded or replacing an existing door entry panel of a specific size. This can save time and expense making alterations to the cut-out size in the wall or having to repair damaged brickwork.
  • Create bespoke drawings before we make your systems, and provide technical support and assistance for the lifecycle of any product. Whether that’s training at installation stage, supplying a replacement part or helping the further expansion of an existing system, we’re here to help.
  • Adapt our software to meet customer needs to fully achieve their requirements.