Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control is a growing market with organisations opting for fingerprint access control because a fingerprint is a more secure means of authentication than proximity or coded entry.


The ultimate goal of access control is to restrict access to people in defined areas, making facilities more secure. Only a biometric device truly provides this capability to the end user. There are biometric systems available today which can economically meet the needs of almost any access control application, such as Videx’s B100 standalone door entry reader, and the Portal Plus networked Access control system for larger systems.


The B100 is a standalone system, providing complete access control for a single door. Users simply swipe their finger to gain access. Access granted or denied is then signalled though an integral sounder and the tri-state fascia illumination. The integral relay is then activated for the programmed time. Optionally, the relay can be remote for additional security using a serial bus to a touch-to exit-device on the secure side of the door which can also be used as a means of exiting the building.


The B100 is available in a surface or flush format. The flush version has been designed specifically to fit a standard single gang UK electrical box. This is particularly useful as quite often a single gang box will be fitted at the ‘first fix’ stage of a development requiring the security installer to find a suitable reader to fit. With the B100 reader in flush, however, it’s a perfect fit and Videx also offer a range of readers and exit buttons in the same style to accompany this reader, all available in three colour options.


The B100 reader can be used is in a small office block where staff can gain access to secure parts of the building or schools and nurseries where the teachers and staff can gain access simply and conveniently while restricting access to visitors and children. For larger systems, the Portal Plus allows coded, proximity and fingerprint access to be combined on the same system with the additional option of dual technology readers for higher security demands.


New Features Added To Portal Plus

Introducing a range of new features to the popular Portal Plus range, our networkable access control system that supports proximity, keypads and bio access readers.

Portal Plus is used in many applications across the private and public sector and is scalable from simple one entrance systems through to multiple entrances with local or remote management facilities.

The new features offer even more flexibility and customisation to users, adding further appeal to our Portal Plus range. One exciting new feature is a messaging system that enables events to be brought to the operator’s attention with popup windows and sound or ability to be automatically emailed. An event can also activate any of the available doors and outputs on any of the controllers and can be used to run other applications if required.

There’s also a new addition for integrators who require the facility to integrate the Portal Plus features into another programme or management suite as a software development kit (SDK) is now available. The SDK is built for Microsoft .NET and can be used with popular programming languages such as Visual Basic and C#. It runs as a client on the system and connects to the Portal Plus server programme which could be on the same PC or installed on another machine on the network. Many of the features of Portal Plus can then be integrated into third party applications to offer the end user a more bespoke application.

Another great new feature is the quick user view option that now allows users’ details to be displayed quickly after an event, such as entry into the building, which allows security checks to be made quickly and efficiently. For high security applications, ‘Global Anti-Pass back’ is now available allowing entry and exit readers to be selected across any number of controllers. Global output triggers are also a new feature allowing any of the four outputs on each controller to be activated by any other controller or via the PC software.

The Portal Plus system is based on two entrance controllers and is managed via a PC client/server application which can run on a PC either on site or remotely via the internet with the option for multiple clients if required. The installation process is very simple and Videx provides comprehensive technical support if assistance with the setup is needed.