Our latest Mifare proximity reader for advanced access control solutions

Videx Security, a leading provider of access control and door entry solutions, has announced the launch of its XPROX-MO, a cutting-edge panel mount Mifare proximity reader. Designed for use with the Videx WS4 web server access control system and compatible with third-party access control systems supporting the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), the XPROX-MO offers unparalleled flexibility and security for modern access control needs.

Versatile compatibility and installation

The XPROX-MO reader supports a wide range of Mifare cards and tags, including Classic, Plus, Desfire and Ultralight. It is also compatible with high-security applications utilising Desfire cards where data encryption is achieved using 128-bit AES on both the reader and cards/tags. The reader’s design aligns with the UK industry standard, fitting a 40mm x 40mm cutout, making it ideal for both new installations and retrofits.

Robust security features

Featuring IP65 ingress protection, the XPROX-MO is built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring reliable operation in various conditions. The reader includes three status indication LEDs (green for access granted, red for access denied and amber for standby) and an internal buzzer for clear audible feedback, enhancing user experience and security.

Advanced configuration and connectivity

The XPROX-MO is equipped with a built-in micro-USB connection for easy configuration and firmware updates. Its RS485 connectivity ensures seamless integration with both Videx WS4 and third-party access control systems. The reader also supports multiple proximity card formats, including HID iClass CSN and NTAG, providing extensive compatibility for diverse applications.

The XPROX-MO provides a flexible and secure solution that meets the evolving needs of access control. The combination of advanced features, robust security and ease of integration makes this reader an excellent choice for a wide range of entry applications.

Key Features:

  • Ingress protection: IP65 rated for dust and water resistance.
  • Multi-purpose support: Compatible with various Mifare card formats and high-security Desfire applications.
  • Easy integration: Fits a standard 40mm x 40mm cutout, suitable for new and retrofit installations.
  • Status indications: LED lights and buzzer for clear access status.
  • Advanced configuration: Micro-USB input for easy setup and updates.
  • Robust performance: Operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -15°C to +50°C.

Introducing the 4312 Series: The New Digital Entry Panel for the VX2300 2 Wire Video System

The new 4312 Series entry panel for the VX2300 2-wire video system highlights our commitment to providing advanced entry solutions that meet the needs of modern residential and commercial buildings.

The 4312 Series entry panel, part of the 4000 Series and available in standard vandal-resistant formats, introduces a range of innovative features designed to enhance security and user interaction. Among its key features are a backlit keypad, available with additional alpha keys (A-F) for direct apartment dialling or with name scrolling keys for ease of use. The panel also boasts a customisable graphical LCD display, providing clear visitor interaction and feedback.

Equipped with a wide-angle CMOS camera and voice annunciation capabilities, the 4312 Series panel ensures visitors are both seen and heard clearly, announcing call progress and extending an invitation to enter. This digital panel is designed for versatility, complementing new and existing VX2300 systems and supporting up to 998 apartments.

In terms of access control, the panel offers coded access for up to 2800 4-6 digit codes and Mifare proximity for a similar number of users, with an additional layer of security through a combined code+Fob mode.

Our new 4312 entry panel integrates cutting-edge features such as Mifare proximity and a wide-angle camera into a compact, vandal-resistant design. This panel not only enhances building security but also offers unparalleled ease of use and visitor interaction, marking a new era for the VX2300 system.

Key features of the intercom panel include its compact design, wide-angle CMOS camera, backlit keys with a graphical LCD display, and voice annunciation for call processing. Notably, the panel is powered directly from the 2-wire bus, simplifying installation by eliminating the need for additional cables.

The VX2300 system is known for its flexibility, allowing integration with a variety of door panels, videophones, video monitors, and concierge units, all through a single pair of cables. The new 4312 panel is customisable and programmable through both its user interface and PC software, featuring USB, RS485, and Wiegand interfaces for comprehensive control.

Induction coils now included in IPure products

All IPure videophones, video monitors and audio phone now come with an induction coil for the hearing impaired as a standard feature at no extra cost. Induction coils allow hearing aid wearers to pick up the conversation from their Videx intercom when they have their hearing aid set to the position T. The induction coil converts the sound from the audio of the intercom into a magnetic field which is induced into the hearing aid and converted back to audio that the user can hear clearly.

Induction coils are also available for visitors, an induction coil can be fitted to any of the Videx door entry panels so that visitors can also use their hearing aid to hear the tenant more clearly.

New cloud platform to strengthen GSM intercom management

Introducing a new cloud platform to help people manage the Videx range of GSM systems more easily.

The browser-based application, available at cloud.videxservices.uk, is a secure, convenient and simple way to remotely manage GSM technology-based systems and products from Videx. It can be accessed from any web browser with an internet connection, offering an instant gateway to a user’s portfolio of GSM systems.

From the platform it’s possible to manage and program a wide range of GSM features including call button destinations, dial to open numbers, coded access codes, proximity fobs and cards and all other settings available on the Videx GSM system.

An unlimited number of devices can be managed and by as many different users as required. Additionally, users can be created as administrators, managers or users offering different levels of access to the settings that users are able to view or change.

The new platform makes the management of our GSM products much easier as it means changes to the systems can be made remotely and any issues resolved there and then. This avoids the need for call out charges for routine setting changes as everything can be done online.

The platform is ideal for local authorities, housing associations and management companies that need to make regular changes to the systems. For example, this includes activity where there are visitors who use dial to open or access control and change regularly.

“The platform can also be used to monitor activity on site at a development and even raise alarms to issue an email should certain activities occur that are deemed unusual such as a gate opening outside normal operating hours, or a user attempting access and being denied.

“Overall, it’s an incredibly easy and pretty much instant way to manage GSM systems remotely whether that’s altering settings, troubleshooting or changing the way a system is set up to enable more convenient entry whilst maintaining a high level of security.

When users sign up to use the new platform there is a choice of three available tiers. These are:

  • An occasional use tier for end users or installers where changes to the systems are infrequent.
  • A moderate tier which could be used by local authorities, housing associations and users who need to make slight changes to a system.
  • A high-volume tier for users who need to make regular changes to a system such as those managing Air BNB properties, holiday parks or caravan sites for example where there is a high volume of changes that need to accommodate the ever-changing visitors to properties.

Each intercom can be assigned to any of the tiers and it’s possible to mix tiers within the same user account allowing intercoms that are likely to have a low number of programming changes to be on a lower tier than those that would require more changes. It’s also possible to have as many users as required to manage the systems at no additional charge and with different levels of access.

Videx strengthens flagship door entry system with new concierge offering

The VX2300 has been further enhanced, adding a desk mount concierge unit for small to medium sized installations of the two-wire video system.

The CST2310 unit can be used for up to 200 apartments, offering both handset and hands-free speech and a back lit touch control keypad along with a 3.5” LCD display with on screen information relating to both entrances and apartments and the stage of a call when in progress. It can also be used to receive or intercept calls from entrances, make and receive calls from apartments and activate outputs, open doors and gates and receive alarm calls from apartments.

Enhancing our VX2300 video system makes it even easier to use, offering access control that’s more convenient and flexible to the user’s needs. Programming of apartment and entrance names can be carried out via free programming software which can be connected via USB directly to the concierge unit. It can also be used to enable an intercommunication call between two apartments and activate doors and gates without being called making it an ideal entry solution that’s highly secure and extremely convenient at the same time.

The CST2310 has three modes of operation. Day mode where all calls from apartments and entrances are intercepted by the concierge. Night mode where calls from entrances can go direct to the apartments unless directed to the concierge and calls from apartments can be received by the concierge. It also has an off mode where calls go directly from entrances to the concierge while the concierge is off duty.

What’s more, the CST2310 is compatible with the complete VX2300 range which includes entrance panels from 1 call button through to digital and a range of apartment options, from audio only through to 7” video monitors.

Videx strengthens flagship door entry systems

Videx has enhanced two of its leading door entry and access control systems, adding a new remote relay module to its 4G GSM offering and the VX2300 door entry video intercom.

The new remote relays create a more robust and secure entry system enabling all door and gate control to be isolated away from the entrance panel in a secure location. Additionally, the relays can be used for extra services such as triggering additional door or gates, activating security lighting or other functions requiring a relay for triggering purposes.

The Art.2813 relay module is now available for the Videx GSM range of systems and the Art.2313 is available for the VX2300 2 wire video system. These new relays complement the remote relays already available for the VX2200 system (Art.2213) and the IPURE IP range (Art.2505).

The new relays make two of our most popular entry systems even more secure and enable them to be used for properties and buildings where a high level of security is required. The modules are essential for Secured by Design, the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. The modules are a great addition to both systems, strengthening their versatility and ability to meet a wide range of entry requirements.

The Art.2813 for the GSM range of intercom systems comes in a wall mountable small ABS plastic enclosure, powered from 12Vdc and includes a 3A dry contact change over relay output and two additional auxiliary outputs to control up to three outputs per module. All three outputs can be individually programmed to operate from 1 to 63 seconds or in latch/toggle format. Additionally, there is a push to exit input included for the main relay. The module can be addressed from 0 to 63 and connects to the GSM system via RS485.

Addressing the module with the same address as an intercom panel, proximity door reader or coded keypad will enable the module to mirror that modules outputs. Addressing the module as a unique ID will allow that module to be used for additional doors, gates that do not have a keypad, proximity reader or intercom. Outputs can then be triggered via the Videx GSM apps available free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or via text message.

The Art.2313 for the VX2300 two wire video systems and kits comes in a DIN mount box which can also be directly wall mounted and is powered from the bus. It includes two 5A dry contact change over relays which can be individually controlled. The relay operating times can be programmed from 2 – 32 seconds and the module can be addressed from 1-15 relating to the door ID the relay is mirroring.

All four relay options are ideal for high security applications that require Secured By Design adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind to door entry and access control solution.

Videx Launches New Digital IP Panel Range

The 4514 compliments the existing Videx IP system offering a digital call panel which is ideal for larger installations, that’s capable of calling up to 5,000 apartments, making it the access control solution of choice for both private and public sector apartment buildings .

Our new digital IP intercom is perfect for those larger installations where there are more apartments than the functional panel is capable of or there is a need for a digital panel with large graphical LCD display and voice annunciation which aid the caller to contact an apartment easily.

There is also no set limit to the number of entrances and the system can utilise an existing network structure if required. Also integrated into the panel is a built-in proximity reader allowing up to 10,000 proximity key fobs to be stored and a coded access facility for up to 10,000 codes.

Available in both a vandal resistant 4000 series style and full vandal resistant with stainless steel bezel flush back box, the digital panels are manufactured from 316 grade, 2.5mm thick brushed stainless steel and come with the option of an alpha-numeric keypad (A-F) or name search and scroll facility keypad (both back lit). Custom sized panels are also available to offer even more flexibility to the installation.

All models include a large 128×64 pixel graphical LCD display which is back lit blue providing clear visual messages that can be displayed in multiple languages for the user of the system. The integrated H264 camera offers excellent picture quality especially when used with our 7” touch screen monitors.

The panels can be powered either by POE or a 12Vdc supply. Also available is a Wiegand output (allowing connection to third party access control systems that also use this protocol) plus a serial RS485 interface for future use with other devices.

Advanced features such as RTSP to stream the video from the camera and HTTP for third party integration are standard along with full SIP integration (including direct SIP for use without a SIP server) to allow the digital panel to be used with third party telephone systems and similar scenarios.

The panel also includes a speech board annunciation that advises the user on the progress of a call, programmable times and settings, and a built in wide-angle H264 colour camera with six white light illumination LEDs that provide the best quality picture in any lighting condition. Features that prove very useful and convenient for local authority, housing associations and private developers where an easy to install customisable solution is required

Videx strengthens leading IP IPURE range

We have expanded our popular IP IPURE offering, introducing a new IP audio panel and IP video panel.

Both the 4504X audio IP panel and 4534X video panel are fully compatible with the IPURE IP range which includes a 7” full multi-touch hands free video monitor (6798), a 3.5” touch screen hands free video monitor (6398), a 3.5” touch screen videophone with handset (6296) and a 3000 Series audio telephone (3196). They can also be fully integrated with third party SIP systems.

The audio IP and video IP boast similar features including standalone proximity access control, a high specification wide angle camera and the ability to add up to 42 call buttons. The panels also include call progress LEDs and voice annunciation.

Introducing the new audio IP panel and a newer video IP panel strengthens our IPURE range, adding even more flexibility and convenience to a highly versatile, highly secure door entry and access control system.

Other features of the IP panels include two programmable relay outputs, two programmable inputs and, with the video IP, RTSP streaming of the camera to third party systems.  A Wiegand output is available to use the reader with third party access control systems if required.

A high specification wide angle camera (80° vertical, 170°horizontal) supporting resolutions up to 1280 x 720 and using the H264 codec is also standard on the new video panels. Both panels also include an RJ45 connector for the network connection, power options are POE or 12Vdc and they’re both available in the Videx 4000 Series range or vandal resistant variants, surface or flush, and in multiple finishes.

Videx introduces new video monitor for leading door entry range

Introducing a new premium video monitor for the VX2200 and 2-wire video VX2300 range.

The video monitor, coupled with the 6-wire VX2200 or 2-wire VX2300, is an ideal entry solution for smaller installations, such as apartments and houses, as well as multi-story apartment or office blocks.

The video monitor boasts a 3.5” TFT LCD monitor and eight soft-touch controls, four of which are programmable for features such as activating additional outputs or intercommunicating with other devices in the same apartment or other apartments.

There are several different formats of the video monitor available such as hands free and those with a handset. The handset version includes hands free as well. A desk mount kit is also available for the handset version while the hands free version can optionally be flush mounted.

Our new range of video monitors perfectly complement the VX2200 and VX2300, two of our most popular entry systems because of the flexibility and convenience they provide to users.

Available in a polished white or polished black finish with back lit touch controls, the monitors have an elegant and sophisticated look and feel and include a wide range of enhanced features such as timed privacy, door recall and local doorbell and alarm inputs.

“The new range of video monitors are easy to use and enable intuitive entry management across a wide range of properties and buildings making them an attractive choice for door entry, both for small and larger installations.

Up to 10 monitors can be installed in the same apartment on the VX2200 system while the VX2300 supports up to four per apartment.

New 4G GSM entry range

Introducing a new range of 4G GSM intercom systems, strengthening our offering in the market.

The new range of 4G GSM audio intercoms are available in all of Videx’s GSM models which includes the popular 4000 Series kits for developments with up to 50 apartments, the GSM digital version that caters for up to 1000 apartments as well as the vandal resistant range and the 2270 unit which can be integrated with Videx’s flagship VX2200 system.

The 4G GSM range also boasts some new features including temporary dial to opens with programmable expiry times to accompany the temporary codes already available on the 2G and 3G versions, which are ideal for short term visitors to a property as their access rights automatically expire and you don’t need to deauthorise access when they leave.

Our comprehensive GSM offering is highly versatile and convenient, providing an excellent access control and entry system for a wide range of properties and developments. The new 4G range strengthens our presence in the GSM entry market providing businesses and homes across the UK with even more choice when it comes to highly secure, convenient and flexible entry.

The 4G intercoms can connect to 4G (with HD audio using VoLTE), 3G and 2G networks offering audio calls to any telephone number. Additional features include proximity access control, coded access and dial to open too. Other features include free access periods, access control time bands with access levels to limit certain users access to particular times and days and event logs which can be downloaded remotely and viewed online enabling a simple way to keep track of the system’s use.

Additionally, by using the web browser events portal it’s possible to setup alerts to events which are outside the norm where an email can be sent as notification of these events. For example, when someone needs access to a building outside normal hours. The events can be further adapted with the facility to label the intercoms and the outputs with meaningful names so that the events can be easily understood at a glance.

The new 4G range is also fully customisable meaning additional coded access keypads and proximity readers for other entrances can be added and conveniently managed from one place. We’re also able to manufacture bespoke entrance panel sizes and styles too.