IP Concierge Introduced to Videx Flagship VX2200 Door Entry System

A new IP concierge station is now available for the VX2200 digital door entry system, which offers both audio and video communication, via a LAN or WAN connection.

This provides huge access control and caller assistance benefits because the IP concierge can be used to link multiple systems which would normally be stand alone to a central monitoring station or concierge. This is particularly useful when one concierge operator is responsible for multiple blocks of apartments or the concierge is remote from the apartments, for example based in a control room.

Introducing the IP concierge to an existing system is very simple, only requiring the addition of one interface module per block of apartments, a PC which can run both the client and server software if required and a desk mount telephone. The concierge can be used to intercept calls from entrances and apartments, respond to alarm calls from apartments and make calls to apartment and entrances. What’s more, settings can be customised per apartment and an event log is kept which can be viewed via a web browser.

The system is ideal for residential apartments or flats where a concierge can be contacted by both visitors and tenants alike, giving them additional peace of mind and security and a point of contact should they need it. If a problem does occur with the WAN or LAN connection which means the IP concierge might be disconnected and go offline, each apartment block will switch to a standalone mode allowing the system to function as normal.

The CSW2220 IP concierge runs on an off the shelf Windows PC. Conversations can take place using either the Videx USB handset or any other handset or headset connected to the PC’s sound card. It also provides the benefit of call management screens, enabling control of all incoming calls from VX2200 intercom door stations through to apartments. It will prove hugely useful to existing and new residential developments that require a concierge facility, providing a 24/7 point of contact to those who live there and visitors.

Updated App Launched for Videx IP System

The Videx CloudNected Client app enables users to manage their IP video calls remotely via their own mobile phone so they can answer calls from wherever they are whether that’s from home, the workplace or even on holiday.

With the app, users can completely manage entry via from their mobile device, creating the most convenient and secure entry. It means users can open a gate without a remote control, for example, or receive a vide call and authorise entry with a simple touch, whether they’re at the property or not.

The Videx IP system is an expandable entry system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building and can utilise a buildings existing cable infrastructure.

With the new app there’s no limit to the number of devices a user can manage. If required, a user can also link more apartments of the same system or even different systems for example such as a person’s main home and also a holiday home. It means access management is easily available all in one app.

What’s great about the new CloudNected Client app is that it doesn’t require any configuration.

It mirrors the associated videophone, performing all of its functions. You simply need to register your profile and scan the QR code with your smartphone camera which will allow the app to be associated to your videophone and all the functions and settings will be automatically transferred.

You also don’t need to worry about missing a call because if you can’t answer the phone, you can scroll the call list to catch up with all the calls logged. All notifications are “push” and they will be displayed even if the app is closed or if the screen of the phone is locked. You won’t need to open the app to answer a call.

The Videx CloudNected Client also shows the mode of the devices (online, offline), and the mode of each function (on/off) giving feedback of the services. If you need more privacy and don’t want to be disturbed by any call, or just want to exclude a function, you can disable it through the app and you can enable it again when preferred.