Videx strengthens flagship door entry system with new concierge offering

The VX2300 has been further enhanced, adding a desk mount concierge unit for small to medium sized installations of the two-wire video system.

The CST2310 unit can be used for up to 200 apartments, offering both handset and hands-free speech and a back lit touch control keypad along with a 3.5” LCD display with on screen information relating to both entrances and apartments and the stage of a call when in progress. It can also be used to receive or intercept calls from entrances, make and receive calls from apartments and activate outputs, open doors and gates and receive alarm calls from apartments.

Enhancing our VX2300 video system makes it even easier to use, offering access control that’s more convenient and flexible to the user’s needs. Programming of apartment and entrance names can be carried out via free programming software which can be connected via USB directly to the concierge unit. It can also be used to enable an intercommunication call between two apartments and activate doors and gates without being called making it an ideal entry solution that’s highly secure and extremely convenient at the same time.

The CST2310 has three modes of operation. Day mode where all calls from apartments and entrances are intercepted by the concierge. Night mode where calls from entrances can go direct to the apartments unless directed to the concierge and calls from apartments can be received by the concierge. It also has an off mode where calls go directly from entrances to the concierge while the concierge is off duty.

What’s more, the CST2310 is compatible with the complete VX2300 range which includes entrance panels from 1 call button through to digital and a range of apartment options, from audio only through to 7” video monitors.