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The VRDigital range is primarily used on larger systems with more than 20 apartments or offices.  Incorprating a telephone style keypad, a caller simply types in the apartment number to call.  Both audible and visual instructions are given throughout the progress of a call by the way of instructions on the back lit display and spoken through the speaker.

Systems with up to 998 apartments, up to 10 main entrances, 15 blocks each with 10 entrances can  easily be created using a bus cabling system.

The SP300 and SP301 panels incorprate black enamel numbering with yellow contrast rings to each button for the visually impared.  The keypad can be further expanded with alpha keys from A through to L if required.  A 2 line 16 character display instructs the user thorughout the progress of the call.

The 4212 Panels include many new features that make the process of calling an apartment from an entrance easier.  These include a graphical LCD screen which displays text and intuitive icons during the calling progress.  The voice annunciation feature verbally guides the visitor thorugh the process of calling an apartment.  What’s more, the backlit keypad with pipped number 5 key not only allows the keypad to be used in poor light but also aids visually impared visitors, making it fully compliant to the Disibility discrimination guidelines.

The 4212 has a self contained proximity reader for up to 2800 users, or this integral reader can be used with the Portal Plus access control system or third party access control supporting the Wiegand protocol.


SP300 Series Digital Door Panel

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SP301 Series Video Digital Door Panel

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SP300 & SP301 Series Surface Back boxes

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4212 Series Digital Audio Panels

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4212 Series Digital Video Panels

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Stainless Steel Posts

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Stainless Steel Plates & Boxes for Posts

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