4212 Series Digital Video Panels

The 4212 series vandal resistant digital panel range compliments the Vx2200 digital system. The panels are manufactured from 2.5mm thick brushed steel and come with the option of an alpha-numeric keypad (A-F) or name search and scroll facility keypad (both back-lit blue).

All panels incorporate features from previous digital panels (storing up to 998 users, allowing each user to have a unique 3-6 digit access code, trade facility, multiple language display options and speech board annunciation) and also includes additional features never seen before on the VX2200 digital system.

All modules include a larger 128×64 pixel LCD display which is back-lit blue providing clear visual messages for the user of the system. Also integrated into the panel is a proximity reader allowing a number of proximity key fobs to be stored and used individually or in combination with the access code. Additional interfaces include a Wiegand output (allowing connection to third party access control systems that also use the Wiegand protocol) plus two serial interfaces (USB and RS485) which both allow for the panel to be programmed via VX2200 PC software and event logging.

The panel contains a built-in colour CCD wide angle day/night camera with IR illumination LEDs that provide the best quality picture in any lighting condition and a viewing angle of 170°. The camera can be set to work with either composite video (coax) or balanced video (non-coax twisted pair).

With an increased memory capacity compared to previous models the 4212 series panels can store up to 998 users, up to 2800 access codes, up to 2800 proximity fobs and up to 4000 events.


  • Flush bezel back box mounting (including surface back box option)
  • Blue back-lit alpha-numeric keypad or name search & scroll facility keypad
  • Blue back-lit 128x64 pixel graphical display providing clear visual messages
  • Speech annunciation call progress
  • Programmable trade facility
  • Programmable door access codes (up to 2800)
  • Integrated proximity key fob reader (up to 2800 key fobs)
  • Combined door access code and proximity key fob programming
  • Wiegand output to allow connection to 3rd party access controls
  • Two serial connections (USB and RS485) for programming and retrieving events
  • Colour CCD wide angle day/night camera with IR illumination (170° viewing angle)
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  • System: Vx2200 Digital
  • Memory capacity: 998 users; 2800 key fobs; 2800 access codes
  • Max number of apartments: 998
  • Working voltage: 12Vdc
  • Current rating: approx. 350mA (max)
  • Voice annunciation: Yes
  • Lock output: Dry contact relay (C, NO & NC) timed (Programmable)
  • Push to exit input: Yes (1x push-to-make switched 0V input)
  • Call reassurance tones: Yes
  • Call progress information: 128×64 graphical display and voice annunciation
  • Programming: Via keypad/display and/or PC programming software
  • Camera: Wide angle CCD colour camera (170°) with LED illumination
  • Working temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
  • 4212V/UK – Flush digital colour video panel with graphical display, blue back-lit keypad (with A-F buttons) & display, built-in proximity, (inc. flush bezel back box)*
  • 4212RV/UK – Flush digital colour video panel with graphical display, blue back-lit keypad (with name scroll buttons) & display, built-in proximity, (inc. flush bezel back box)*

* Both digital panels listed above are compatible with the VRDSB140x280 stainless steel surface back box