VX2200 PC Software

The 4212K software kit for the VX2200 system allows door panel programming to be carried out using a PC.  The software allows for retrieving (download) data from a door panel or programming (upload).  Connection is made using a supplied USB cable.

The software allows a user to change all door panel settings associated with the 4212 range, setup apartment information along with door codes and proximity fobs / cards (entered manually or by using a desktop reader) and design of a custom display logo.

Included on the CD is software for older generation VX2200 panels where connection to the panel is via a RS232 serial plug in connector.


  • Program VX2200 door panels using a PC software kit
  • Program settings and apartment data including coded access pin codes and proximity card / fobs
  • Desk top reader compartible for easy enrollment of fobs / cards
  • Save programming template for future use
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  • PC – Windows compatible PC with USB connection.
  • Door Panel connection – 4212 (USB), other panel types (RS232)
  • 4212K – PC door programming kit for 4212 door panels
  • SP37 – PC door programming kit for all other VX2200 door panels