We’ve launched our YouTube tutorials!

We are very excited to tell you that we have introduced the first in a series of useful tutorials to our YouTube channel that are aimed to talk you through the setup of our systems and provide ‘how to’ guides in circumstances where you need to learn about a system or feature quickly.

The first videos focus on MiAccess, our standalone offline proximity system that’s ideal for a wide range of buildings that have single or multiple entrances. This includes offices, residential homes and small guest houses, as well as fitness centres, caravan parks and small hotels. The beauty of the offline access control system is that it can be part of a multiple entrance (80 maximum) system without the need to cable between devices. This means that it’s extremely easy to install and very cost effective too, ideal for smaller installations saving installation time while still maintaining system flexibility.

Our first video provides an introduction to the system and our second video demonstrates what to do when an entry card needs replacing.

Please keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we will be populating it more and more with similar tutorial and demonstration focused videos!

MiAccess, an introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKGS-ddXB_U

MiAccess, card replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNC1-3T4JMw