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The latest range of Videx modern high specification compact designed low profile surface mount videophones or flush and surface mounting video monitors.

Available in either white or black all have crystal smooth surfaces, 3.5″ colour LCD TFT display  with OSD (On screen display) call progress information and programming menus. Whether surface or flush, both models employ “touch sensitive” technology and all can be user selected to operate in “hands free half duplex” , “simplex” or “full duplex” with a telephone handset.

All versions include a door open monitoring LED. Advanced programmable options include timed privacy with LED, call tone melodies, call tone volume, number of rings and speech volume.

Picture and video clip record is an optional extra to this range, allowing a callers image or short video to be recorded and played back. Images can be stored to a MicroSD card for export to other devices.  This can be manually or automatically activated allowing the user to view their visitors and see who has called.

A desk kit (KRV931) is available to accompany the videophone version.



Kristallo Videophones & Hands-free Monitors

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