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The 6700 series colour video monitor is a hands-free surface mount videophone incorporating a 7” Hi-Res full colour active matrix LCD screen available in a satin white finish.

Features include “camera recall”, “open door”, “service” and “privacy” with LED indication for the “open door” and “privacy” features. Adjustments include call tone and speech volume controls, picture hue and brightness controls.

Available for the videokit series (VK4K, VRVK and VK8K), VX2200 6 wire system and the VX2300 2 wire system enabling these video monitors to be used in single apartment installations through to high-rise installations with up to 1000 apartments.

The 6700 series surface mount video monitor with a 7” Hi-Res full colour active matrix LCD screen is designed primarily for low and high-rise private developments and individual houses where an attractive and cost-effective functional videophone is desirable.

Accessories include a desk kit for an easy and practical functional alternative to a wall mount solution.


6700 Series Videophones

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