VX2300 Splitters

Two and four way VX2300 splitters required for both audio and video handsets.

317N – This unit distributes the bus signal to 4 outputs linking to video phones or audio phones.  It contains a switch to enable (active) or disable (passive) the amplification.  If active the amplification can be adjusted in a linear way using a built in trimmer.  Amplification only effects the 4 outputs and not the main bus.  included is bus isolation, which isolates the 317N from the rest of the bus in case a short on one of the outputs.  Included are bus termination switches in case an output is unused.

318 – The unit distributes the bus signal to 2 outputs linked to video phones or audio phones. It is a passive distributor, so there is no possibility to adjust the video

amplification. The device is suitable for small systems with a maximum distance between door panel and the last monitor of 70 metres.


  • 4 way audio / video distributor with amplification
  • 2 way audio / video distributor (passive)
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  • Dimensions – 70mm x 110mm x 30mm
  • Housing – White ABS plastic
  • Outputs – 4
  • Bus termination – Yes – switches
  • Isolation – Yes
  • Powered – From BUS


  • Dimensions – 50mm x 60mm x 20mm
  • Housing – White ABS plastic
  • Outputs – 2
  • Powered – From BUS
  • 317N – 4 output distribution unit (1 req’d for every 4 videophones)
  • 318 – 2 way passive distributin box