VX2200 Event Logger

Designed to work in conjunction with the VX2200 low, medium and high rise intercom system which has successfully achieved STS202 BR2 level of Burglary Resistance, the event logger addition will help improve security while assisting in the combat against anti-social behaviour.

Easily incorporated in to new or existing systems, the event logger simply connects to the 2 wire VX2200 bus and is powered from a low voltage 12Vdc power supply normally already available on the system.  Up to 4000 events will be logged while off line, when on line connected to a PC via either RS232, RS485 or USB the events are unlimited.

The easy to use PC software allows events to be viewed in real-time or downloaded from a device which has been off line.  all events are stored in a database which can be then searched for particular criteria and either printed or exported to Excel.  Individual log-in user name and password can be setup for each user with the option to offer administrator privileges.

An additional feature of the software is “Caller Display”.  This feature can be used in communal living environments where tenants spend a large portion of their day in a day room.  A caller display monitor can be mounted in the day room to inform the tenants when they have visitors.


  • event log; Record call progress with time and date from one of more entrances
  • Caller display; For use in communal living areas, displays the caller name, apartment number and entrance
  • Reports; Create customisable reports which can be printed or exported to excel
  • Remote relay and exit button input for high security applications
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  • Dimensions: 110mm (L) x 70mm (H) x 30mm (D)
  • Supply voltage: 12-14Vdc
  • Current max. 45mA
  • Relay contacts: 10A@24Vdc, 12A@120vac, 5A@250Vac
  • Relay time: 1-30 seconds
  • Device ID: 1-16
  • Exit button input: Switched 0V for normally open exit button
  • Offline event storage: 4000 events
  • 2214 – Event logger and remote relay / PTE input for high security requirements