VX2200 Entrance Switchers

A range of VX2200 system entrance switching devices for both audio and video systems:

VX123A / VX123V – 4 door audio and video switching PCB’s respectively.  Both versions contain 4 inputs for entrance panel common connections, an output to telephones and an input to link multiple PCB’s together for systems that require more than 4 entrances.  Voltage to each entrance panel (12Vdc) is fused and indicated by an LED.  The VX123V contains an active LED for all entrance inputs to display when a certain entrance is in use.

2206N – The 2206N is a powerful device which allows the system to be expanded up to 998 apartments. There are two applications in which this unit can be used. The first application is a system with both main entrances and sub entrances/blocks (Main entrances call all apartments on a system and sub/block entrances only call the apartments in their own block). In this application, one 2206N would be required for each block. The second application is a single level system with up to 10 entrances whereby all entrances need to call all apartments. In this application, a 2206N would be required for every 180 apartments and could be used to expand the system up to 998 apartments(i.e. 500 apartments would require a minimum of 3x2206N).


  • VX123A and VX123V 4 entrance audio or video switching cards with LED indication
  • Connect VX123 boards together for systems with more than 8 entrances
  • 2206N Bus exchance device allowing for up to 998 apartments or a system containing main entrances and sub entrances
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VX123A / VX123V:

  • Supply voltage – 12Vdc
  • Entrance inputs – 4
  • Status indication: Fuse healthy and entrance active (VX123V only) LED’s


  • Supply voltage – 12Vdc
  • Video formats supported – Balanced and 1V p-p
  • VX123A – 4 door audio switching pcb
  • VX123V – 4 door video switching pcb
  • 2206A – Bus exchange device (SP315)
  • 2206V – Bus exchange device (SP316)
  • 2206N – Bus Audio/Video exchange device (180 units/riser)