Vortex Maglocks

With reduced physical size and current consumption but with substantially stronger holding force the Vortex range of electro mechanical locks offer a new dimension in the restriction of movement and security of property.

Suitable for most applications where a standard or mortised magnetic lock can be fitted, the Vortex lock range use 75% less raw material than a standard magnetic lock.

The Vortex has a holding force 400% (x5) higher than a standard magnetic lock and requires 50% less current to achieve the 15,000N (Approx 1500kg/3300lbs) holding force.

As a result of the Vortex’s reduced size the unit is better suited for door frame integration than the conventional magnetic lock.

Not only is Vortex smaller, stronger and contains less raw material, it also has an early warning lock monitoring with audible and switched output.  This pressure sensitive feature allows an alarm to be raised prior to any breach taking place.  A security bracket is supplied as standard with the VX2400LP protecting the lock from tampering once the door is closed.

The Vortex lock range has been designed around a small universal magnet with a small conical orifice and an exceptionally strong alloy pin which is held by the vortex of mechanical and magnetic forces.


  • Reduced physical size and current consumption compared to a standard magnetic lock
  • 75% less raw material and 400% higher holding force (1500KG)
  • Pre alarm when door forced for high security applications
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  • Voltage/current – 12Vdc 240mA or 24Vdc 120mA
  • Dimensions – 218mm (L) x 30.5mm (H) x 30mm (D)


  • Voltage/current – 12Vdc 300mA
  • Dimensions – 134mm (L) x 21.6mm (H) x 25.7mm (D)


  • Voltage/current – 12Vdc 300mA
  • Dimensions – 128mm (L) x 21.6mm (H) x 25.7mm (D)
  • VX2400LP – Surface mount 1500kg including door monitoring led
  • AMLB2400 – L bracket for VX2400LP
  • AMZB2400 – Z bracket for VX2400LP
  • VX1982 – Flush mount 870kg
  • VX1900SM – Surface mount 900kg