Smart Series Audio Kits

The Smart series audio kit range is an entry level elegant audio intercom solution.

1 & 2 way Smart series audio kits available as surface or flush mount kits. The audio amplifier outdoor station (Art.336E) comes in a high impact grey housing and has an anodized aluminium surround rainshield. The kits are also supplied with a 13Vac psu power supply (Art.321) and 3000 Series Smart line audiophone (Art.3011).

The audiophone intercom is wall mounted with a lock release button and a three position call tone volume control.  Up to 2 additional audiophones can be installed in each apartment (a maximum of 3 per button).


  • Low cost entry level audio kits surface or flush mount options
  • 3000 Series Smart line audio handset with lock button and 3 level call tone volume control
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  • Number of entrances – 1
  • No. Of cores to telephone – 4
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • Maximum No. Of telephones per call button – 3
  • Lock output – 13Vac
  • Telephone model – 3011 (call tone)
  • PSU model – 321 (13Vac) in a type A 3 module DIN box
  • Door panel 1 button or 2 button – 336E-1, 336E-2
  • SMK-1S – 1 way surface kit
  • SMK-2S – 2 way surface kit
  • SMK-1 – 1 way flush kit
  • SMK-2 – 2 way flush kit