Slimline Kits

The slim kit contains slim surface mount door panel constructed from die cast aluminium alloy which give it substantial strength to the outdoor station and only 50mm wide.  It has a relay built in to the door panel reducing cable requirements to 4 wires between itself and the internal handset.
The kit contains a single button door station, 12Vac DIN mountable power supply and 3011 smartline handset with 3 position call tone volume settings and lock release button. A maximum of 3 handsets can be added to the system.
The kit is also available with a 380 telephone interface allowing calls to be taken on a standard BT compatible handset.  The 380 telephone interface allows the end user to take incoming calls via the telephone line as well as the outdoor station.


  • Slime line die cast aluminium alloy door panel 50mm wide
  • Smartline handset with lock release button and call tone volume adjustment
  • DIN mount 12Vac power supply
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  • Number of entrances – 1
  • No. Of cores to telephone – 4
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • Maximum No. Of telephones per call button – 3
  • Lock output – 12Vac
  • Telephone model – 3011 (call tone)
  • PSU model – 321 (13Vac)
  • Door panel 1 button only – 236
  • SLK – 1 way audio
  • SLK/380 – 1 way audio plus 380 telephone interface