Portal Plus PROS Server Client Software

Videx Security’s Portal Plus advanced access control system for proximity, coded access and bio access devices is capable of supporting up to 15000 users and an unlimited number of entrances. PROS CS Client Server software has now been introduced that enables multiple clients to connect to a Portal Plus system either locally or remotely via the internet. This innovation brings new levels of versatility to the system, allowing industrial and commercial organisations as well as local authorities, housing associations and schools to maximise the benefits of Portal Plus.

The CS package consists of server software which runs on a central PC or server and communicates directly with the Portal Plus controllers either via a direct USB/RS485 link or via an Ethernet connection. Client software runs on a number of PCs that connect to the server and access data securely. Each client PC needs a dongle to connect and can be either on the same network as the server or can be connected remotely via the internet. All features of the Portal Plus software can be managed from the client PCs and there is no limit to the number of clients that can connect to the server.

Access control of any site with an unlimited number of doors and controllers can be managed remotely and multiple sites can be logged into and managed using the same client software. Reports can be generated from a standard web browser and each user can view his own reports, whilst system managers can view all individual reports.Time and attendance can be managed effectively and the software supports both Access 2007, SQL 2008R2 or higher databases.

Other user functions include the facility to add edit and delete users as well as to remotely release doors or change access rights.


  • PROS server installed on a PC connected directly to Portal Plus Hardware
  • PROS client can be installed on PC's local to the server or remotely over the internet
  • USB dongle required for each client PC
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  • OS compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP3
  • Max no. of controllers: Unlimited
  • Max no. of clients: Unlimited
  • Client / server communication: Encrypted, dynamic key
  • Database: Microsoft Access, SQL 2008R2 or later
  • USB dongle (one required for each client PC)

PROSCS – PROS CS client / server software