Portal Plus PROS Server Client Dongle

Client / server software USB dongle for the portal plus access control system enabling multiple clients to connect to a system either locally or from anywhere using the internet (One required for each client PC).

Including all the features found in the PROS software including proximity, coded and bio access integration, time and attendance (T&A), full user management and many more features.  Support for both Access 2007 or SQL database is included.

Upgrading from PROS to PROCS couldn’t be easier.  Simply uninstall the PROS leaving the current database in place and install the PROCS.  It will then use the existing database eliminating the need for reconfiguration.

Portal Plus hardware can connect to the server either via the network or a USB to RS485 converter.  Portal Plus controllers are each able to control up to two entrances and can be connected together using an RS485 bus or connected to a network using a standard router or switch.  The number of entrances is unlimited while each 2 entrance controller can support up to 15000 users or 30000 events.

Time zones, anti pass back, user groups, auxiliary inputs and auxiliary outputs are all standard to the controllers.  Reader inputs are 26 or 34 bit industry standard Wiegand, a large range of attractive readers is available.


  • USB dongle for PROS server / client software
  • One required for each client PC
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  • OS compatibility: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP3
  • Max no. of controllers: Unlimited
  • Max no. of clients: Unlimited
  • Client / server communication: Encrypted, dynamic key
  • Database: Microsoft Access, SQL 2008R2 or later
  • USB dongle (one required for each client PC)
  • CS/USBKEY – USB dongle for portal plus PROS CS client / server software