IR Apartment Stations

The 500MM apartment station and 500TS touch sensitive remote control have been designed primarily for the elderly/disabled users.  It enabled the user to answer a call from a door panel either with a hand held remote control or from the apartment station itself.

Up to three apartment stations can be fitted in to one apartment allowing the user to operate the system from the three most popular rooms (The remote control must be in line of site with the apartment station).

The infra-red apartment station is surface mount and compatible with almost all Videx systems.


  • 12Vdc operation
  • Speak and door open buttons
  • Electronic call tone with volume adjust
  • Timed privacy with four optional times and indication LED
  • Dry contact alarm relay and timed door open relay
  • Remote control has touch sensitive large buttons and is powered by a PP3 9 volt battery
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  • 500MM apartment station –
  • Material – White ABS plastic
  • No. Of cores to station – 6
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • AC buzzer call tone – No
  • Electronic call tone – Yes (Internal)
  • Call tone volume setting – Yes
  • Lock release button – Yes
  • Dry contact button – No
  • Privacy of speech between handsets – Yes
  • Timed mute switch – Yes
  • Mute switch with on/off LED – Yes
  • 500MM – Infra red apartment station
  • 500TS – Touch sensitive remote for 500MM apartment station