IPure 2505 IP relay module & CloudBox

Introducing the new IPure system IP remote relay & CloudBox module, the 2505, for communication via a Local Area Network (LAN). Using cloud services, communication across the internet can also be achieved with the use of tablets or smartphones running the Videx CloudNected App.

The 2505 has two built-in relays and two active low inputs plus a serial RS-485 bus connection for interfacing with other automation devices. Although it can be powered by 12Vdc it includes an RJ45 ethernet connection with PoE feature, allowing it to be powered without the need for a power supply.

In addition to the device being setup as a general purpose I/O device which can be controlled by apartment devices and the CloudNected App, the relays can be setup to operate door locks or electric gates remotely and securely when setup in “replication” mode (Secured by Design). Alternatively the relays can be setup in “repeater” mode to operate an additional sounder and/or strobe unit.

It also includes “CloudBox” mode allowing the user to use the Videx CloudNected mobile App without the need for an IP videophone.


  • Connection via LAN, WAN or private network
  • 12Vdc power supply input or PoE input option
  • Two dry contact (C,NC,NO) relays operating as standard, latch or pulse (toggle) mode
  • 2 active low programmable inputs (IN1/IN2)
  • Serial RS-485 bus for home automation devices
  • RJ45 ethernet connection
  • Two direct relay activation buttons (P1/P2)
  • 3 operational modes: replication mode, repeater mode or CloudBox mode
  • Boot loader mode (for firmware update recovery purposes)
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  • Connection method: LAN, private network or public network (internet)
  • Relay outputs: 2x dry contacts, (C, NO, NC)
  • PTE inputs: 2x, P1 and P2
  • Programmable inputs: 2x, IN1 and IN2
  • Power supply: PoE or 12Vdc via HDR-15-12 slim line psu
  • RJ45 ethernet connection: Yes
  • RS485 connection: Yes (A, B, GND)
  • Videx CloudNected App: Yes (Android and iOS app for tablets and smartphones)
  • 2505 – IP remote relay and CloudBox module