The VX126 controller configures two doors as an interlock system for high security applications, ensuring both doors cannot be operated at the same time.  By linking multiple units together its possible to create a larger system exceeding two entrances, while only allowing a single entry point to be active at any one time.

Doors are operated by use of a push button or can be triggered by third party access control systems (such as intercom telephones and key fobs / cards).

Door contacts are a requirement to accurately monitor door status, while two dry contact relays allow connectivity of either fail safe or fail secure type locks.

Features include adjustable relay time, follow door sensors (allows relays to de-activate as soon as door is closed for added security) and sequential door opening (allows the opposite door in use to automatically open once the current door has closed).


  • 2 Door interlock PCB for high security applications, ensuring both door cannot be opened at the same time
  • Link multiple units together for larger number of door, still only one entry point activated at any one time
  • Adjustable relay time, and connection of either fail secure or fail safe locks
  • Automatically open the second door after the first has closed
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  • Power supply: 12Vdc (Max 60mA)
  • Housing: ABS plastic – 70mm (w) x 110m (h) x 30mm (d)
  • Push to exit button type (push to make / normally open)
  • Door contact type (normally closed)
  • Adjustable relay time (2.5, 5, 7.5, 10 seconds)
  • VX126 – 2 door boxed interlock PCB