Eclipse Audio Apartment Stations

The 5000 Series audio eclipse range can be identified by its compact design and hands-free function which can be user selected between simplex speech or voice switched speech.

Features include 4 function buttons (3 on the Vandal Resistant version) these are “answer call”, “door open”, and “service” which are common to all models while the forth button’s operation will vary from model to model.

A “privacy” feature and call tone volume control is standard on all models.  Selected versions also incorporate loudspeaker volume controls.

The low profile surface mount units are manufactured from high impact ABS plastic and are available in three finishes: white, silver and carbon fibre effect.  the flush Vandal Resistant option is manufactured from 12 gauge stainless steel for harsher environmental applications and is available for use on the popular VX2200 digital system.


  • Hands-free voice switched speech with option for simplex speech when required
  • Low profile surface mount available in carbon fibre effect, silver of white finishes
  • Large call answer button. Holding this button down the system will automatically switch in to simplex speech mode
  • Large door release button
  • Timed privacy facility with LED indication which can be programmed via buttons on the front of the unit
  • Auxiliary button for other services (Available on surface units only)
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  • Buttons – 4 Large, 4 small
  • Speech – Half duplex and selectable simplex
  • Lock button – Yes
  • Speak button – Yes
  • Service buttons – 1
  • LED’s – 4
  • Privacy – Timed with LED
  • Dimensions – 74mm (W) x 164mm (H) x 23.5mm (D)
  • System – VX2200 & 4+1
  • Colour – White, silver or carbon fibre
  • 5118 – White fibre surface handsfree (4+1 systems)
  • 5118/CR – Silver fibre surface handsfree (4+1 systems)
  • 5118/CA – Carbon fibre surface handsfree (4+1 systems)
  • 5112 – White fibre surface handsfree (push to talk) (4+1 systems)
  • 5112/CR – Silver fibre surface handsfree (push to talk) (4+1 systems)
  • 5112/CA – Carbon fibre surface handsfree (push to talk) (4+1 systems)
  • 5178 – White surface handsfree (Vx2200)
  • 5178/CR – Silver surface handsfree (Vx2200)
  • 5178/CA – Carbon fibre surface handsfree (Vx2200)
  • 5138 – Desk kit for audio eclipse units (surface only)
  • VR5178 – VR stainless steel flush handsfree (Vx2200)
  • VRA983 – Dry line wall flush mounting kit (VR option only)