8000 Series 2 Entrance Audio Kits

2 entrance audio entry kit based on the 8000 Series modular design incorporating two way speech, electronic call tone and lock release facility. The door stations are available surface or flush mounting with 1 call button each with a back lit name plate.

The standard finish is a stainless steel facia with aluminium surround. An aluminium facia (/A) and a black surround (/BL) are also available.

A 2 entrance switcher ensures the occupant is only speaking to one entrance at a time, and only releases the entrance from where the call originated.

The telephone is wall mount smartline handset with a lock release button and a three position call tone volume control. Up to 2 additional telephones or extension sounders can be installed in each apartment.


  • 2 Entrance audio kit based on the 8000 Series
  • 1 call button with illuminated name plate
  • Surface or flush mount door panels
  • Smart line handset with lock button and 3 position call tone volume control
  • Connect up to 3 handsets per call button
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  • Number of entrances – 2
  • No. Of cores to telephone – 4
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • Maximum No. Of telephones per call button – 3
  • Lock output – 12Vac,
  • Telephone model – 3011 (call tone)
  • PSU model – 520M (8Vdc, +12Vdc and 13Vac)
  • 2 Entrance switcher – 502
  • Amplifier module – 8837M
  • 8K1S2E – 2 entrance, 1 way surface
  • 8K12E – 2 entrance 1 way flush