7″ Kristallo Hands-free Monitor

The 7″ KRV7 hands-free colour video monitor complements the existing range of Kristallo series videophones and audio apartment stations.

With a screen resolution of 800×480 pixels it also features touch sensitive controls, hands free speech (with simplex function), entrance recall, door release, a timed ‘do not disturb’ function and the ability to intercommunicate between multiple devices.

Available for both the VX2200 digital system (6 wire bus video) and the VX2300 digital system (“true” 2 wire bus) the 7” hands free Kristallo series video monitors have been designed to be used in single apartment installations through to high-rise installations with up to 1000 apartments.

The KRV7 series video monitor can be desk mounted using the KRV7931 desktop kit, fixed to the wall using the relevant surface wall mounting kit (KRV7985/W or KRV7985/B) or flushed into the wall using the KRV7981 (for solid walls) or using the KRV7983 (for dry line walls).


  • 7" full colour active matrix LCD screen (800x480 pixel resolution)
  • Touch sensitive buttons and controls
  • Timed ‘Do Not Disturb’ privacy function with call reject feature
  • Hands free duplex speech to entrances and other Kristallo line intercom units (intercommunication)
  • Door open and Privacy LEDs
  • Programmable number of rings, auxiliary output time, privacy time and call melody
  • Door release button, auxiliary output and local door bell facility.
  • Door recall to activate the camera and speech without first being called
  • Desk mounting kit available
  • Flush mounting and surface mounting back box options available.
  • 7" Kristallo memory video option available
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KRV772 series (VX2200 digital) & KRV782 series (VX2300 digital):

  • Screen: 7″ Colour TFT active matrix LCD
  • Screen resolution: 800×480 pixels
  • Buttons: Touch sensitive
  • Lock button: Yes
  • Camera recall / speak button: Yes
  • Service button: 1
  • Door open LED: Yes
  • Timed privacy: Yes (up to 20 hours – 15 min intervals)
  • Dimensions (mm): 190 (W) x 147 (H) x 32 (D)
  • Finish: White or black
  • Mounting: Surface using KRV7985/W or KRV7985/B kit, Flush using KRV7981 box (for solid walls) or KRV7983 box (for dry line walls) and desk mount using KRV7931 desk kit

7″ Kristallo series hands-free monitors

  • KRV772W – White, 7″ Kristallo series monitor (VX2200 system)
  • KRV772B – Black, 7″ Kristallo series monitor (VX2200 system)
  • KRV782W – White, 7″ Kristallo series monitor (VX2300 system)
  • KRV782B – Black, 7″ Kristallo series monitor (VX2300 system)

7″ Kristallo series monitors listed above require a flush box or surface mounting kit. Memory video option available suffix /MV to part code e.g. KRV772W/MV

Flush boxes, Surface mounting kits & Desk kit

  • KRV7981 – Flush mounting box for 7″ Kristallo, solid (masonry) walls
  • KRV7983 – Flush mounting box for 7″ Kristallo, dry line (plasterboard) walls
  • KRV7985/W – Surface mounting kit for 7″ Kristallo, white
  • KRV7985/B – Surface mounting kit for 7″ Kristallo, black
  • KRV7931 – Desk kit for 7″ Kristallo