4000 Series 380N/UK Telephone Interface Kits

This 4000 series audio 1 button kit allows calls to be answered on a standard B.T. type telephone removing the need for a dedicated intercom telephone and allowing the user to answer both telephone line calls and door panel calls from the same phone.

The kit includes an 4000 series surface or flush entrance panel with 1 call button and back lit name plate, the telephone interface which links the telephone line and the intercom entrance panel to the telephone and a PSU.

The door/gate can be released using the telephone keypad. Additional features include the ability to divert an entrance panel call via the telephone line to any number programmed. The telephone interface also includes an extensive programming menu allowing many features to be customised.


  • 1 button audio kit based on the 4000 Series
  • Surface or flush mount door panel
  • 380N/UK telephone interface allowing a call to be answered on a standard BT compatible handset
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  • Number of entrances – 1
  • No. Of cores to telephone – 4
  • Recommended cable type – CW1308
  • Maximum No. Of telephones per call button – 3
  • Lock output – 12Vac
  • Telephone model – 380N/UK telephone interface
  • PSU model – 321 (13Vac)
  • Amplifier module – 4836-1 speaker
  • 4K-1S/380 – 1 way surface 4000 series c/w 380N/UK telephone interface
  • 4K-1/380 – 1 way flush 4000 series c/w 380N/UK telephone interface