3000 Series Audiophones (IPure System)

Introducing the latest 3000 series surface mount IPure system 5 button audiophone with 3 level calltone volume adjustment.

The IP audiophone is manufactured from impact resistant ABS plastics and has 5 fully programmable push buttons (programmable using the Videx IP wizard software). Other programmable features include: privacy duration time feature (with status/privacy LED), melody selection, number of rings and intercommunication call facility.

The IP audiophone is SIP compliant and has 2 active low programmable inputs. It can be powered by either 12Vdc directly using UTP cable or by using the RJ45 ethernet connection with PoE switch technology.

Accessories include a desk kit, 3038, for an easy and practical functional alternative to a wall mount solution.


  • Manufactured from white ABS impact resistant plastics
  • 3 level call tone volume adjustment
  • 5 fully programmable push buttons
  • Intercommunication facility
  • SIP compliant
  • 2 active low programmable inputs
  • 12Vdc powered or PoE switch
  • Desk mountable using the 3038 desk kit
  • All programmable functions can be programmed using the Videx IP Wizard software
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  • System: IPure system
  • Material: White ABS plastics
  • Connection method: LAN, private network or public network (internet)
  • Power suply: 12Vdc powered (via UTP cable) or PoE switch technology
  • Inputs: 2 programmable active low inputs
  • Call tone volume adjustment: Yes, 3 levels (low, medium and high)
  • Push buttons: 5 programmable buttons
  • Intercommunication facility: Yes
  • Configuration: Programming and setup via IP Wizard software
  • Dimensions (mm): 85 (W) x 218 (L) x 55 (D)
  • Mounting: Surface mount (directly to the wall) or desk mount using the 3038 desk top kit
  • 3196 – 3000 series surface mount 5 button IPure system audiophone
  • 3038 – 3000 series (full base) audiophone desk kit