New engineers app for the GSM intercoms

The new app  which complements the existing GSM app includes a new host of features that’s compatible with all GSM models and enables an engineer to programme an unlimited number of sites and intercoms that they’re responsible for to help manage them all more effectively and conveniently.

The new app provides a wide range of convenient, user friendly features that help make an engineer’s job easier.

Within the app, installers can store useful information about the site such as the address and site contact details and they’re able to programme all apartments and buttons, access codes, proximity fobs, dial to opens, time bands and general settings too.

Events for each intercom and site can be viewed from within the app, which are also stored on a cloud server and sent directly from the intercom to the cloud allowing them to be viewed on multiple devices.

Additionally, there is an advanced settings page and a diagnostics tools section to assist the engineer should they need to diagnose a problem. Installation manuals and a useful help section can also be easily accessed within the app too.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and allows the intercoms to be programmed via SMS. All the intercom settings are stored on a cloud server which offers the advantage to allow multiple engineers to share the data on their devices and also offers peace of mind as the data is backed up automatically.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store free of charge. Once downloaded, installers will need to register via the app. Registration can take up to three working days while the user is verified as an installer or engineer.