Chair donation for Newcastle Power Chair Football Club

Newcastle Power Chair Football Club has received a generous donation to help them continue their achievements in the sport.

A power chair, which costs £8,345, has been mainly financed by Videx Charitable Trust. The charity raises money for the purchase of highly specialised equipment that’s required to accommodate the physical needs of those living with cerebral palsy and help make their lives easier.

Power Chair football is a unique sport that provides people with disabilities, including those living with cerebral palsy, an opportunity to play football. The same key principles of a standard 11-a-side football game applies to a game of power chair football.

Rob Thompson, Player-Coach at Newcastle Power Chair Football Club, said: “We can’t thank the Videx Charitable Trust enough for their extremely generous donation.

“Our team offers an opportunity for those in wheelchairs with physical impairments to play a sport they love.

“The support really is valued and will help us in our quest to win the National Championship League that we’re currently sitting at the top of.

“We have such a talented and committed squad and the chair greatly enables us to continue to make football accessible to those with disabilities and enhances our performance on the court.”

Rob Thompson has been coaching the powerchair football team for 18 months but has played the game since he was 16 years old. With the help of his colleague Jamie, Rob is helping his team become the best in the division and vital donations such as the Videx Charitable Trust power chair are instrumental to the success and longevity of the football club.

John Rickard, Managing Director at Videx Security, said: “The main aim of the Trust is to reach individuals and families across the UK, affected by cerebral palsy, to help make their lives easier and better.

“When I heard about the Newcastle Power Chair Football Club, I really wanted the trust to get involved and I am so pleased that we’ve been able to finance one of the highly specialist power chairs they need to play their games.

“I wish the team the best of luck this season in their hopes for silverware; it’s been great to help them in their pursuit of winning the National Championship League.”

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