Celebrating World Cerebral Palsy Day

Cerebral Palsy is a condition close to our hearts and minds. It’s why we established The Videx Charitable Trust.

We wanted to help as many people as possible living with Cerebral Palsy and, through the Trust, we’re able to do that. The Trust raises money for the purchase of highly specialised equipment that’s required to accommodate the physical needs of those living with cerebral palsy and help make their lives easier.

This is why, to mark this year’s World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6, the Videx Charitable Trust has donated £3,000 to The Bobath Centre. The Centre is a specialist treatment centre for cerebral palsy that aims to improve the quality of life for children and adults so that they are healthy and active and can participate in everyday life to the best of their ability.

John Rickard, Managing Director, Videx UK, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has caused devastating effects on charities across the UK, hugely impacting the amount they’re able to fundraise through they’re usual group-based activities.

“The Bobath Centre does an incredible job in helping the lives of so many children and young people in leading a higher quality, more independent life so we wanted to make a contribution that would create a real difference to the lives of Bobath Centre members.

“There was no better way to do this than on World Cerebral Palsy Day.”

To find out more about The Videx Charitable Trust, please visit: https://www.vidextrust.com/