3000 Series Audiophones

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An extensive range of Videx modern telephone handset units to suit all applications.  Manufactured in white impact resistant ABS plastic, all models incorporate a 3 position call tone volume control and replaceable plug-in telephone handset cord.

The series begins with standard telephones (3111, 3101, 3121 and 3171) having a door release button and a spare dry contact service button.

The 3102, 3112 and 3172 handsets introduce a sliding privacy switch to enable the tenant to switch the telephone off when they do not wish to be disturbed.

As a result of recommendations from many local authorities and housing associations the 3176 has been designed.  It integrates all the features required in these sometimes demanding environments.  Features include a large lock release button which is different shape and size to, and separated from, the privacy button to avoid accidental operation when pressing buttons.  A green door open LED is also included.

The privacy button is timed with adjustable times from 15 minutes through to 16 hours.  A red privacy active LED indicates at a glance that the telephone is switched off and will not receive calls.  Privacy will either automatically switch off after the programmed time or can be manually switched off at anytime.

All telephone handsets are wall mountable as standard, or may be desk mounted using a 3038 desk kit.


3000 Series Audiophones (3+1, 4+1 & Intercommunicating)

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3000 Series Audiophones (5+1 and Sentry)

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3000 Series Audiophones (VX2200 System)

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3000 Series Audiophones (VX2300 System)

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