Waterproof Magnetic Locks

The fail-safe Electromagnetic Lock design with no mechanical bolt and depending on the powerful magnetic force to secure and release the door are suitable for use in areas which required security controlled access or egress such as exit door.

The Electromagnetic Locks are totally sealed in an epoxy filled stainless steel case for water-resistant and vandal resistant purpose. A threaded conduit fitting ensures weather resistant protection of the wiring therefore it is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, even in severe weather.


  • Waterproof magnetic lock sealed in an epoxy stainless steel case for use in even severe weather
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  • Holding force – 2500N
  • Voltage – 12Vdc 500mA or 24Vdc 250mA
  • Dimensions – 228mm (L) x 30mm (H) x 31.5mm (D)
  • ME510 – Waterproof magnet monitored 250KG
  • 259N – Z/L bracket for ME500/501
  • MBE808 – L bracket for ME 500/501