VX2200 Video Concierge

The 2210A video concierge unit allows an operator to handle and to transfer calls from and to the users depending on the selected operating mode:

Off mode – All functions of the concierge are disabled and all calls from the external intercom panel go directly to the internal apartment handsets.

Day mode – All functions of the concierge are enabled.  All calls are processed by the operator.  The concierge can make and receive calls to and from the apartments.

Night mode – Same operation as day mode but all calls go directly to the apartment.

Calls can also be diverted to another device if the concierge does not answer, such as a telephone interface.

The PC concierge software kit can be used in conjunction with the 2210, expanding the facilities of the desk top concierge and providing a database of events.


  • Colour LCD video desktop concierge handset
  • 3 different modes of operation (off, day, night mode)
  • Make and receive calls to apartments and door intercom panels
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  • System – VX2200
  • Video – Colour 4″ screen
  • Modes – 3
  • PC input – Yes
  • Max. Apartments – 998
  • Voltage – 12Vdc
  • Max. Current consumption – 350mA
  • 2210V/C – Video concierge unit (Colour) (SP311/C)
  • SP38 – PC Concierge Software