VX2200 Remote Relay

The 2213 remote relay can be used for the following applications. Firstly it can be used to ensure that if the door entry intercom panel is vandalised or the cables cut, the electric lock or magnet remains operational ensuring that the door remains secure. In addition to securing the main visitor entrance door, the relay can also be used at additional doors such as rear entrances, bin stores etc to allow a Concierge to release the electric lock from a central position.

Designed to work in conjunction with the VX2200 low, medium and high rise intercom system the 2213 remote relay is an essential component in order to comply with STS202 BR2 level of Burglary Resistance. The VX2200 systems digital and conventional entrance panels has undergone testing to achieve approval.

The 2213 remote relay connects directly to the VX2200 2 wire bus and is powered from a 12Vdc supply. Once programmed with an ID to match the entrance panel it will allow the on board relay to be activated by users in apartments via their telephone or videophone, a concierge or an access code entered on the entrance panel. The dry contact changeover relay output activation time is programmable from 1 to 30 seconds. A push to exit button input is also included on board. When mounted in a secure area of the building this increases the security of the system illuminating the possibility of circumventing the lock from within the door panel.

Programming is carried out using dip switches where it is possible to program the relay time and device ID.


  • Remote relay and exit button input for high security applications
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  • System: VX2200 digital system
  • Supply voltage: 12-14Vdc
  • Current: 6.4mA (standby), 41mA (during operation)
  • Relay contacts: 10A@24Vdc, 12A@120vac, 5A@250Vac
  • Relay time: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 seconds
  • Device ID: ID.1 – ID.16
  • Exit button input: Switched 0V for normally open exit button
  • Enclosure material: white ABS plastics
  • Mounting: Surface, direct wall fixing
  • Dimensions (mm): 66 (W) x 60 (H) x 22 (D)
  • 2213 – Remote relay / PTE input unit for high security applications