VX2200 Isolation

A common requirement for local authority and housing associations, apartment isolation simplifies fault finding while adding an extra layer of protection to a system.  In the event of a fault within an apartment, or the wiring to an apartment the line isolation will ensure that only one apartment is effected allowing the remaining apartments on the systems to function as normal.

The Vx2200 system uses optional 4 way apartment audio isolation cards and for video systems a piggy back board serves to protect the additional cables required for video, both saving space and simplifying connections.

Each card includes 10 LED’s to assist an engineer should a fault occur on the system.  Channel in use, voltage fault and bus fault conditions are all signalled.  To further assist the engineer all connections are plug type to allow simple swap out while testing.

The cards are designed to be either distributed around the building or contained in a control cabinet in one or more locations.


  • 4 Way apartment isolation card protecting system against cable shorts
  • Video isolation cards available which piggy back on to audio cards
  • Visual indication by LED when fault occurs
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  • Outputs – 4
  • Input voltage – 12Vdc
  • Fault indication: LED


  • Balanced video outputs – 4
  • Input voltage – 20Vdc
  • End of line termination required – Yes 75 Ohm between both balanced outputs and 0V
  • Unused outputs require termination – No


  • video outputs – 4x 1V p-p
  • Input voltage – 12Vdc
  • End of line termination required – Yes 75 Ohm resistor between V & M
  • Unused outputs require termination – Yes 75 Ohm resistors between Vx & Mx
  • 2204N – 4 way isloation card
  • 2204N/B – Boxed 4 way isolation card
  • 2204NVNC/B – Boxed 4 way isloation card with balanced video card
  • 2204NV/B – Boxed 4 way isloation card with coax video card
  • 316I – Balanced video 4 way splitter (for use with 2204N)
  • 894I – Coax video 4 way splitter (for use with 2204N)