VX2200 IP Concierge

The 2220 IP concierge is a new addition to the VX2200 and enables a concierge to be connected via a LAN or WAN to one or more VX2200 systems. Using either conventional cable or fibre optics. Both audio and video are streamed.

This is particularly useful when one concierge operator is responsible for multiple blocks of apartments or the concierge is remote from the apartments. For example a control room.

The IP concierge is available as a PC based program. Multiple operators can be used on each system.

The concierge has full control over the system being able to both intercept calls and divert calls as required or an apartment by apartment basis. Booking calls can be placed in apartments and entrances can either call apartments directly or direct a call to the concierge for assistance. The concierge can also service alarm calls from apartments when required.

A full event log database is held and can be interrogated should the need arise.

Call recording is also available.

The 2220 can be added to new or existing VX2200 systems and requires only one new piece of hardware per block to allow Ethernet connection (RJ45) to the system. In the event of the concierge going offline each block will switch to a standalone mode allowing the system to function as normal.


  • IP concierge client server for the VX2200 system
  • RJ45 Ethernet connection
  • 3 different modes of operation (off, day, night mode)
  • Make and receive calls to apartments and door intercom panels over a network connection from PC based software
  • Add to a new or existing VX2200 system (for both audio and video systems)
  • Balanced video (V1 and V2) or Coax (V and -) for 2220V IP interface only
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  • System: VX2200
  • Operating Modes: 3 (off, day and night)
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Databus: L and – (2220A, 2220V)
  • Video Signal: V1 and V2 (balanced) or V and – (coax) for 2220V only
  • Max. Apartments: 998
  • Working Voltage: 12Vdc
  • Databus Voltage: 7.5Vdc
  • 2220A – audio IP concierge interface block controller
  • 2220V – video IP concierge interface block controller
  • CSW2220 – IP concierge PC software and client server