VR4K Accessory Modules

Vandal resistant 4000 Series accessory modules:

VR4KIFM – Information module for 4000 VR panels. Backlit with blue led’s, it had a card insert which can be used for Company name or operating instructions etc.

VR4K blanking module for 4000 series VR panels. Used to fill in spare space in 4000 series modules to mount third party prox/swipe readers etc.

VR4KIND – Audio induction loop module for the hard of hearing.  The induction loop can connect to various audio amplifiers (136N, 138N, 140, 150 GSM, 437 and Vx2200 digital panels) to enable users with a hearing aid set to the ‘T’ position to hear the conversation from the intercom panel.


  • Range of vandal resistant 4000 Series Accessory modules
  • Information module to display user operating instructions
  • Blanking module used to fill a spare module space or to mount third party proximity readers
  • Induction loop module compatible with Videx amplifiers for use with hearing aids set to the T position
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  • Material – 12 Gauge (2.5mm) 304 grade vertically brushed stainless steel with polycarbonate window


  • Material – 12 Gauge (2.5mm) 304 grade vertically brushed stainless steel


  • Supply voltage: 12-14Vdc
  • Quiescent current: 50mA
  • Operating current: 2A max
  • VR4KIFM – Information module
  • VR4KBLM – Blanking module
  • VR4KIND – Induction coil module