Vprox Software

The Vprox windows software is designed to allow the main features of the Vprox 1000 & 4000 controllers to be carried out from a PC. Communication is carried out from a spare USB PC communications port to an RS232 port located on the controller CPU.

From the main screen it is possible to view the last 5 users of the system.  It will show the door they used, whether they were expected through the door or not, their key number and the time/date they used the system.  The last users line will be shown in green if they entered the building and red if they were denied access.  A photo of the last user can also be shown.

The software contains an event log where it is possible to view a log of the users on the system.  A total of 511 events can be downloaded fom the CPU and viewed.

Settings such as relay times, number of doors, time bands can be altered directly within the software.


  • Control Vprox CPU from a PC (VP1000 or VP4000)
  • Add, edit or delete user fobs directly in software
  • Event logging (511 recent events)
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  • PC: Windows compatible PC with USB connection
  • VP100WIN – PC programming and user log software kit