Vandal Resistant Digital GSM

With GSM comes freedom. Answer calls from your door or gate from any telephone number including your mobile so you never have to miss that important caller. With four variants: 4812, 4812R, VR4812 and VR4812R the digital GSM intercom is available for small or large scale applications with the ability to call up to 500 apartments all with the facility to divert to additional numbers if the first is busy or unanswered.

Programming is carried out via SMS messaging, via the on board keypad or using the GSMSK PC software connecting through the micro-USB connection. Including an exit button input, an auxiliary input and output, a dry contact relay and a trade timeclock input the digital GSM can be powered using 12Vdc.

Other features include integrated proximity access control (for up to 2000 users) and call progress announcement both verbally and shown via the graphical display. New programming features include: programming a primary number and 3 divert numbers in a single text and 10 free access timebands.

Programming can be carried out using the panel’s keypad, by SMS text messaging or via a PC using the GSMSK software (connected via the micro USB port) or by using Videx’s new smartphone SMS wizard App. The App is available to download for free from Google Play (for android devices) or from the App. Store (for iOS devices).

An event log (up to 8000 stored events) is maintained within the digital GSM module and can be downloaded via the USB port or RS485 bus connection using the GSMSK PC software which also includes many features to simplify the installation and programming process.


  • Program up to 500 apartments (users)
  • 4 telephone numbers per apartment (1 primary number and 3 diverts)
  • Dial to open facility for up to 2000 users
  • Integrated proximity access control for up to 2000 users
  • 500 programmable access codes (1 per user)
  • 10 apartment call timebands (9 of which are programmable)
  • Up to 10 programmable free access timebands
  • Blue back-lit 128x64 pixel graphical LCD display with call progress indication and integrated voice annunciation
  • Blue back-lit alpha-numeric keypad for programming and system operation
  • Name scroll facility option or alpha key button (A-F) option
  • Programming by using the on board keypad, by SMS, GSMSK PC software or the new Videx smartphone SMS wizard App.
  • On screen programming menus
  • 1 push to exit input
  • 1 auxiliary input and output
  • Dry contact relay (CO, NO and NC)
  • Micro-USB connection for ease of programming and event log download
  • RS485 connection for ease of programming using the GSMSK software or connecting 1 additional 4850R expansion proximity reader
  • Event log feature for up to 8000 events
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  • Number of entrances: 1
  • Lock output: Dry contact (C, NO, NC)
  • Auxiliary output: 1x open collector (switched 0V, 150mA max.)
  • Auxiliary input: 1x open collector
  • Dial in to open numbers: up to 2000
  • Number of apartments (users): 500
  • Divert numbers per apartment: 1 to 3 numbers each
  • Proximity access control: up to 2000 users (fobs/cards)
  • Programmable access codes: up to 500 (1 per user/apartment)
  • Apartment call timebands: 10, 9 of which are programmable
  • Free access timebands: 10, all of which are programmable
  • Power supply: HDR-15-12 slim line 12Vdc (1.5A) psu
  • Power input: 12-14Vdc
  • Programming methods: Via onboard keypad, SMS text, GSMSK PC software or Videx’s smartphone SMS wizard App.
  • USB connection: Yes, micro USB
  • RS485 connection: Yes = A, B & 0V (for programming via PC software or used for connecting 1 additional 4850R expansion proximity module)
  • Antenna: 432 GSM antenna, ANT-GSM-2db-5M & ANT-GSM-2db-15M high gain antennas (5 metres & 15 metres)
  • SIM compatibility: standard size SIM card (25mm x 15mm)
  • Proximity fob compatibility: 955/T, PBX-1E
  • Proximity card compatibility: 955/C, PBX-2
  • Programming software: GSMSK GSM intercom PC programming kit
  • 4812 – Vandal Resistant 4000 series digital GSM with proximity (A-F key buttons), requires 4882 (surface back box) or 4852 (flush back box)
  • 4812R – Vandal Resistant 4000 series digital GSM with proximity (with name scroll buttons), requires 4882 (surface back box) or 4852 (flush back box)
  • VR4812 – Vandal Resistant digital GSM with proximity (A-F key buttons) including flush bezelled back box
  • VR4812R – Vandal Resistant digital GSM with proximity (with name scroll buttons) including flush bezelled back box

For the 3G version suffix /3G to part code e.g. 4812R/3G