SC24000 (S-PROX) Proximity controller

The SC24000 (S-Prox) 2 door controller is ideally suited for smaller applications where there are around 100 users, although it can cater for up to 4000. Typical properties include commercial offices, smaller schools, nurseries and residential properties.

The features of SC24000 controller include many that would normally only be expected with more sophisticated or more expensive access control systems. These include alarms for a forced door or door left open; timed or read-in/read-out access; lock-out for unwanted visitors after 15 attempts; an optional anti-pass back feature that prevents entry by an unauthorised person.

A major advantage is the use of shadow cards for easy management of the SC24000 system. This method, which is used to manage the issue of card readers to staff or residents, uses a copy of each user’s card which is retained by management. A user’s own card can then be easily disabled or invalidated as necessary without the original card.

If a new user card needs to be added, the corresponding shadow card is simply presented to any relevant readers on site. Additional cards are used for administration tasks including the addition, deletion or changing of relay times or resetting the anti-pass back feature. Wallets that hold up to 40 cards are available (10 pack, 20 pack and 40 pack).

The SC24000 controller connects to industry standard Wiegand 26 bit and 34 bit proximity readers, including readers in the complementary Videx Portal Plus range: MTPXS-EH; MTPXBK-EH; DINMTPXS-M; VPROX2-M; 4849PP; VR4KPPM.


  • Up to 4000 users
  • 2 x Wiegand 26/34 bit inputs
  • 2 x Dry contact relay outputs
  • 2 x Door sensor inputs
  • 2 x Push to exit inputs
  • Door forced alarm relay output
  • Door left open alarm relay output
  • Optional anti pass back facility
  • Shadow card per user card or per group of user cards
  • Two entrance mode and 1 entrance mode with in / out readers
  • Lock out feature after 15 invalid attempts to gain entry
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  • Entrances: 2
  • Users: up to 4000
  • Supply voltage: 12-15Vdc
  • Current (Not including readers or locks): 180mA
  • Lock outputs: Dry contact changeover relays x 2
  • Alarm outputs: Dry contact changeover relays x2
  • Operating temperature: 0 – +50 Degrees C
  • Operating humidity: 0 to 95%
  • Dimensions: 90mm(W) x 107mm(L) x 61mm(H)
  • SC24000 – 4000 user, 2 door control unit
  • PBX2/10PK – 10 pack of pbx-2 proximity cards (wallet)
  • PBX2/20PK – 20 pack of pbx-2 proximity cards (wallet)
  • PBX2/40PK – 40 pack of pbx-2 proximity cards (wallet)
  • PBX2 – Thin proximity card (125Khz EM)
  • PBX2C – Thick proximity card (125Khz EM)