NT Series Touch Free Exit Button

The SP80NT (flush) and SP80NT/S (surface) are both touch free exit buttons that incorporate infrared sensor technology. When connected directly to an electric lock the touch free button allows a user to safely exit a room or building without the need to press a button by simply approaching the button sensor with their hand and activating the buttons relay output.

While in standby the status LED will be illuminated red indicating the button has 12Vdc power, when the button is activated the status LED will change and illuminate blue. The internal electronics are resin potted offering an additional layer of protection from the elements (IP65). It has an internal connector with pre-coloured wires allowing connection for 12Vdc power and the relay output connections COM, NC and NO.

It also includes two variable POT controls, VR1 and VR2, allowing for the setup of the relay output time (0.5 ~ 20 secs or latching toggle ON/OFF mode) and the adjustment of the infrared sensors proximity range (3 ~ 15 cm) respectively.

The exit button face plate is manufactured from 16 gauge brushed stainless steel. The SP80NT is supplied with a standard UK size single gang flush electrical box while the SP80NT/S is supplied with a standard UK size single gang surface box housing.


  • Flush or Surface Touch Free button options.
  • Durable 16 gauge brushed stainless steel button plate.
  • Adjustable activation range from 3cm – 15cm.
  • Adjustable activation time from 0.5 seconds to 20 seconds or latch.
  • Activation status LED: red when power on and in standby, blue when activated.
  • For internal use or if used externally must be protected from direct rain to avoid false triggering of the sensor.
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Touch Free Exit Buttons:

  • Button: 1x Infrared Sensor Touch Free button.
  • Power Input: 12Vdc.
  • Current Rating: 25mA (standby), 37mA (during operation).
  • Relay: Dry contact output (CO, NO, NC) Max. 1A@30Vdc.
  • Button material: Black polycarbonate fire & UV proof
  • Operating temperature: -20˚C ~ 75˚C.
  • Flush Box Dimensions (mm): 74 (W) x 74 (L) x 35(D).
  • Surface Box Dimensions (mm): 85 (W) x 85 (L) x 38(D).
  • SP80NT – Flush, Touch Free Exit button.
  • SP80NT/S – Surface, Touch Free Exit Button.