Kristallo Videophones & Hands-free Monitors

The Kristallo video series represents a range of colour surface mount videophones and flush mount hands-free apartment units for use with the VX2200 and VX2300 digital door entry systems.  Featuring a whole host of advanced features in a compact and elegant design.

Designed to compliment the surrounding décor, using touch sensitive technology and available in both white and black finishes with a crystal smooth surface. Both surface mounting (KRV76 & KRV86) and flush mounting (KRV78 & KRV88) options available.

A memory video option (suffix/MV) is also available with a picture and video record feature allowing a callers image or a short video of the caller to be taken when a call is placed.  Pictures and video can also be recorded manually using the menu options.

Speech can be opened in either hands-free, simplex mode or on the surface models where a handset is included, by lifting the handset for full duplex speech.  Other standard features include a timed privacy facility, door open LED, local door bell input and extensive programming menu with many user defined options.


  • Colour TFT 3.5" LCD screen
  • Both flush and surface versions include hands-free speech
  • Surface version also includes a telephone handset
  • Touch sensitive controls provide an elegant yet functional feel
  • Programmable timed privacy facility
  • On screen display with call progress information and programming menu
  • Includes door release facility and additional spare output for other services
  • Desk Mountable (KRV76 & KRV86 versions only)
  • Flush mountable (KRV78 & KRV88 versions only)
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  • Screen: 3.5″ Colour TFT OSD LCD
  • Speech – Handset (Full duplex), Handset free (Both half duplex and simplex modes)
  • Buttons – Touch sensitive
  • Lock button – Yes
  • Camera recall/speak button – Yes
  • Service buttons – 1
  • Door open LED – Yes
  • Timed privacy – Yes 8 settings (No timeout, 15 minutes – 16 hours)
  • Dimensions – 155mm (W) x 182mm (H) x 29mm (D) (handset model)
  • Dimensions – 120mm (W) x 190mm (H) x 29mm (D) (handsfree model)
  • System – VX2200 & VX2300
  • Video type – Balanced or 1V p-p selectable
  • Finish – White or black
  • KRV76W – White surface kristallo with handset (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV76B – Black surface kristallo with handset (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV78W – White flush kristallo (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV78B – Black flush kristallo (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV76W/MV – White surface kristallo with handset and memory (Vx2200)
  • KRV76B/MV – Black surface kristallo with handset and memory (Vx2200)
  • KRV78W/MV – White flush kristallo with memory (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV78B/MV – Black flush Kristallo with memory (Vx2200 system)
  • KRV86W – White surface kristallo with handset (Vx2300 system)
  • KRV86B – Black surface kristallo with handset (Vx2300 system)
  • KRV88W – White flush kristallo (Vx2300 system)
  • KRV88B – Black flush Kristallo (Vx2300 system)
  • KRV983 – Flush back box for audio apartment stations (dry line walls)
  • KRV981 – Flush back box for audio apartment stations (solid walls)
  • KRV931 – Desk kit for video kristallo with handset