Kristallo Audio Apartment Stations

A range of modern high specification compact low profile surface telephones or flush and surface apartment stations.  Available in white or black, all have cystal smooth surfaces and are ideally suited to the higher end of the market such as prestigious office blocks and apartments.

Whether a telephone handset or apartment station, both models employ “touch sensitive” technology and all can be user selected to operate in “hands free” mode.All versions include a door open LED, advanced programmable options include timed privacy with LED, call tone melodies, call tone volume, number of rings and speech volume.


  • Handsfree speech
  • Touch sensitive controls
  • Privacy of speech and lock release
  • Door open and privacy LED's
  • Timed privacy 15 minutes - 16 hours
  • Concierge call back facility
  • Local door bell input
  • Alarm input to signal events to concierge
  • Desk mountable
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  • Speech – Handset (Full duplex), Handset free (Both half duplex and simplex modes)
  • Buttons – Touch sensitive
  • Lock button – Yes
  • Speak button – Yes
  • Service buttons – 1
  • Door open LED – Yes
  • Timed privacy – Yes 8 settings (No timeout, 15 minutes – 16 hours)
  • Dimensions – 155mm (W) x 182mm (H) x 29mm (D) (handset model)
  • Dimensions – 120mm (W) x 190mm (H) x 29mm (D) (handsfree model)
  • System – VX2200
  • Finish – White or black
  • KRA76B – Black surface mount with handset
  • KRA76W – White surface mount with handset
  • KRA038 – Desk kit for kristallo with handset
  • KRA78B – Black flush mount handsfree (requires KRA983 or KRA981)
  • KRA78W – White flush mount handsfree (requires KRA983 or KRA981)
  • KRA983 – Flush back box for audio apartment station (dry line walls)
  • KRA981 – Flush back box for audio apartment station (solid walls)