IP System 4000 Series Videokits with Codelock

Introducing a new range of IP intercom products for communication via a Local Area Network (LAN). Using cloud services, communication via Wi-Fi or across the internet can also be achieved with the use of tablets or smartphones running the Videx CloudNected App. The system is also available as a kit which includes the entrance panel, videophone and power supply.

The 4000 Series modular entrance panel can be expanded from 1 up to 42 call buttons and include any of the extensive range of 4000 Series modules available. It can be surface or flush mounted and is available in a matt 316 grade stainless steel finish or mirror stainless steel finish.

The IP video entry module includes a wide angle colour camera, call progress LED’s and an input for a second camera. There are two relay outputs and two free inputs which can be used for a variety of functions such as door/gate release and activation of auxiliary functions.

The videokit also includes a 4901 codelock which has 3 relays and allows for 3 codes (1 code per relay). Each relay output can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or set to 00 for latching. It also features two switched 0V push to exit inputs to activate relays 1 and 2 respectively. Access codes can be between 4-8 digits in length and it incorporates blue backlit key buttons.

The videophone is in the popular 6200 series design and incorporates a 3.5” touch screen display for both viewing visitors and navigating the function menus. The videophone is wall mountable and an optional desk kit is also available. Power options include POE or a 12Vdc power supply, additional input/outputs are included for auxiliary functions.

Additional system features include a call log with picture capture of the caller, intercommunication between devices in the same apartment or others and up to 16 videophones per apartment.


  • Call progress LED's (4: call, busy, speak and door open)
  • Expandable up to 42 call buttons (4000 series modular)
  • Expandable up to 40 call buttons (vandal resistant series)
  • Communication via LAN or private network and across a public network (internet) using the Videx CloudNected App
  • Videx CloudNected App available for tablets and smartphones
  • 2x relay outputs and 2x PTE inputs
  • External Camera input
  • Wide angle camera as standard
  • 3.5" 6200 series colour videophone with touch screen display and OSD menus
  • POE or 12Vdc powered videophone
  • RJ45 ethernet connection on the videophone
  • Programmable buttons
  • Up to 16 internal videophones per apartment with intercommunication facility
  • Call log feature with picture capture facility
  • 4901, 3 code, 3 relay keypad included with blue backlit buttons
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  • Connection method: LAN, private network or public network (internet)
  • Relay outputs: 2x dry contacts, (C, NO, NC)
  • PTE inputs: 2
  • Power supply: POE or 12Vdc for 6296 videophone, 12Vdc for Speaker/Camera module
  • RS485 connection: Yes (A, B, 0V)
  • Event logging: Yes
  • PSU model: HDR-15-12 slim line psu
  • Speaker/Camera module: 4533
  • Expandable to 40 buttons
  • Videx CloudNected App: Yes (Android and iOS app for tablets and smartphones)
  • 4901, 3 code, 3 relay keypad included with blue backlit buttons


  • IPVKC-1 : IP 4000 series, flush 1 button videokit with codelock
  • IPVKC-1S : IP 4000 series, surface 1 button videokit with codelock

The 4000 series videokits listed above are compatible with the full range of 4000 series surface and flush back boxes and rainshields

Videophone & PSU:

  • 6296 : 6200 Series, 3.5″ Colour Touch Screen Videophone with handset (POE or 12Vdc input)
  • HDR15-12 : Slim line 12Vdc, 1.25A power supply