EX5 Keypads Complete with Housing

These robust IP rated standalone keypads are designed to operate both internal and external environments.

EX5 keypads include a backlit metallic or plastic keys with a choice of plastic or metal housing.

They incorporate an easy to follow programming menu allowing up to 99 unique codes and the setting of relay output times.  The units also include inputs to trigger the relay from a push to exit button. Both audible and visual indication is standard indicating that a code is correct or incorrect while also helping to navigate through the programming menu.

The EX5P-73C in addition to the features of the EX keypads also incorporates a proximity fob/card reader allowing either fob or coded access, or for higher security fob & coded access.


  • Standalone IP65 rated keypads including housing
  • Back lit keys with audible and visual indication
  • 99 codes (1-8 digits) and 2 dry contact relays
  • Housings available in metal or plastic
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  • Codes – Up to 99 codes (1 – 8 digits)
  • Relays – 2 (1 x 10A, 1 x 2A)
  • Relay time – 1-99 seconds or latching
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Power: 12/24V ac/adc
  • Current – 10mA – 60mA
  • EX5-43B – Surface grey ABS keypad with polycarbonate back lit keys (99 codes)
  • EX5M-43B – Surface grey ABS keypad with metallic back lit keys (99 codes)
  • EX5M-52G – Surface aluminium grey keypad with metallic back lit keys (99 codes)
  • EX5M-72C – Surface aluminium (grey/matt chrome) keypad with metallic back lit keys (99 codes)
  • EX5M-102A – Flush stainless steel keypad with metallic back lit keys (99 codes)
  • EX5P-73C – Surface aluminium (grey/mett chrome) keypad & proximity (99 codes/fobs)