6200 Series Videophones

The 6200 series is a low cost, easy to use, compact, minimalistic design colour videophone.

Finished in satin white and including a 3.5″ high definition LCD TFT colour display, handset and four tactile buttons for door release, door recall and other services such as “do not disturb” and service buttons depending on the model.  The door open and privacy functions are also accompanied by an indication LED (The door open LED requires an additional connection). A picture memory option (/MV) is also available which can store up to 100 pictures with corresponding date and time including a manual or automatic record function.

A picture and brightness control and call tone volume adjustment is also available to the user while additional adjustments for picture contrast, hue and on some models microphone are available for the installer.

Available for the videokit series (CVK4K, CVR4KV, CVK8K and ESVK) including the new IP system, VX2200 6 wire digital video system and the VX2300 “true” 2 wire digital system enabling these videohones to be used in single apartment installations through to high-rise installations with up to 1000 apartments.

Accessories include a desk kit for an easy and practical functional alternative to a wall mount solution.


  • Surface mount videophone incorporating a 3.5" full colour active matrix LCD TFT display
  • Includes 4 buttons for camera recall, door open, service and privacy
  • 2 LED's indicate privacy and door open functions are activated
  • Programmable number of rings and privacy duration
  • Adjustable call tone, picture hue and brightness levels
  • Picture memory option (/MV) also available
  • Available for the CVK4K, CVR4KV, CVK8K, ESVK series videokits, VX2200 and VX2300 digital systems
  • 3.5" touch screen display and OSD menus for the 6296 IP videophone only
  • Desk kit available for all versions
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  • Screen – 3.5″ TFT active matrix LCD (6256, 6276 and 6286 only)
  • Screen – 3.5″ touch screen display & OSD menus (6296 IP videophone only)
  • Buttons: 4 (door open, camera recall, service, and privacy)
  • Mounting – Surface
  • Door open LED – Yes
  • Privacy LED- Yes
  • Finish – Satin white
  • Dimensions – 144mm (W) x 182mm (H) x 27mm (D)
  • Video type – Balanced or 1V p-p selectable
  • POE/Ethernet connection – Yes (6296 IP videophone only)
  • System – Videokit Series: CVK4K, CVK8K, CVR4KV, ESVK videokits (including the IP videokit series: IPVK and IPVR), VX2200 & VX2300
  • 6256 – 3.5″ videophone (CVK4K, CVK8K & CVR4KV videokits)
  • 6256/MV – 3.5″ memory videophone (CVK4K, CVK8K & CVR4KV videokits)
  • 6276 – 3.5″ videophone with timed privacy (VX2200 system)
  • 6286 – 3.5″ videophone with timed privacy (ESVK videokits and Vx2300 system)
  • 6286/MV – 3.5″ memory videophone with timed privacy (ESVK videokits and VX2300 system)
  • 6296 – 3.5″ videophone with touch screen display & OSD menus for the IP video system (IPVK and IPVR videokits)
  • 62931 – Desk kit for 6200 videophones (6256, 6276 and 6286 only)
  • 62932 – Desk kit for the 6296 IP series videophone