VX2200 GSM Interface Module

The GSM interface module, 2270, is designed to work on the same technology as mobile phones and also interface with the VX2200 digital 2 wire bus system. It enables a call to be made from an entry point (door, gate etc.) to any programmed telephone number (mobile or landline).

It connects directly to the 2 wire bus (L and – databus) and is compatible with the full range of VX2200 functional intercom panels and digital panels and because of this flexibility it can be integrated into small or large VX2200 digital systems that also comprise of Videx audiophones (e.g. 3171 phones etc.) and videophones (e.g. 6276 videophones etc.).

Up to 180 users can be programmed (programming is carried out using the VX2200 system phone ID format), and like other GSM modules in Videx’s GSM series, each phone ID is capable of calling 4 numbers (1 primary and 3 divert numbers), if the first number is busy or unanswered it will divert to the next number.

Other programming features include: programming a primary number and 3 divert numbers in a single text, programming multiple dial to open numbers (up to 5 max.) in a single text, 10 access control timebands (for relay 1 dial to open numbers only), 10 free access timebands and access level assignment (up to 10).

Programming can be carried out by SMS text messaging or via a PC using the GSMSK software (connected via the micro USB port) or by using Videx’s new smartphone SMS wizard App. The App is available to download for free from Google Play (for android devices) or from the App. Store (for iOS devices).

An event log (up to 8000 stored events) is maintained within the GSM module and can be downloaded via the USB port or RS485 bus connection using the GSMSK PC software which also includes many features to simplify the installation and programming process.


  • Program up to 180 users (phone ID's from 1 to 180)
  • 4 telephone numbers per user (1 primary and 3 diverts)
  • Programmed numbers can be used in conjunction with Videx's range of VX2200 audio and videophones
  • 3 dry contact relays (CO1, NO1, NC1 / CO2, NO2, NC2 /CO3, NO3, NC3)
  • 3 auxiliary inputs (A1, A2 and A3)
  • Dial to open facility for up to 3000 dial to open numbers (1000 DTO numbers per relay)
  • 1 programmable call button (phone ID) timeband
  • Up to 10 programmable access control timebands (for relay 1 DTO numbers only)
  • Up to 10 programmable free access timebands
  • Up to 10 programmable access levels
  • Programming by SMS, GSMSK PC software or the new Videx smartphone SMS wizard App.
  • Micro USB connection (for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)
  • RS485 bus connection (for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)
  • Up to 8000 stored events which can be downloaded using the GSMSK PC software
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  • Number of entrances: 1
  • Lock output: 3 dry contact relays (CO1, NO1, NC1 / CO2, NO2, NC2 /CO3, NO3, NC3)
  • Auxiliary inputs: 3 (A1, A2 and A3)
  • Dial in to open numbers: Up to 3000 (1000 DTO numbers per relay)
  • Programmable timebands: Yes, 1x call button (phone ID) timeband, 10x access control timebands and 10x free access timebands
  • Access levels: Yes, up to 10 programmable access levels
  • Divert calls per user: 1 to 3 numbers each
  • Power input: 12-14Vdc
  • Programming methods: SMS text, GSMSK PC software or Videx’s smartphone SMS wizard App.
  • USB connection: Yes, micro USB
  • RS485 connection: Yes = A, B & 0V (for programming via PC software)
  • Event logging: up to 8000 Events
  • PSU model: HDR-15-12 slim line 12Vdc psu
  • Antenna: 432 (5m cable)
  • Mounting: direct wall mount or DIN rail
  • Intercom panel connectivity: compatible with all VX2200 functional and digital panels

Interface Module:

  • 2270 – GSM Interface Module for the VX2200 digital system


  • HDR-15-12 – slim line 12Vdc (1.25A) psu
  • 432 – GSM antenna (inc. L bracket & fixings, 5m cable)
  • GSMSK – PC programming software