4000 Series Digital Video Panels

The 4000 series digital video panel range complements the Vx2200 and VX2300 digital systems.  The modules are built in to 4000 series double modules and have numeric keypads and 8 alpha-numeric buttons (4202V and 4302 range), or a numeric keypad with name scroll (4202RV and 4302R range).

All panels incorporate features from previous panels (storing up to 998 users, allowing each user to have a unique 3-6 digit access code, trade facility, multiple language display and speech board annunciation).

All modules include a 2 x 16 character blue LCD display and speaker unit.  Modules are available in stainless steel (/S) or anodized aluminium.

A Colour day/night camera is included with 6 infra-red LED’s, adjustable 10 degrees in all directions and a choice of either balanced or 1Vp-p video output.

Panels can be programmed using the built in numeric keypad, or using the SP37 VX2x00 programming kit which includes software and a connection cable between the front panel and PC.


  • Alpha-numeric keypad or name scroll facility
  • Surface or flush mounting (4000 series frames)
  • Blue back lit 2 x 16 character LCD display providing visual messages
  • Speech annunciation call progress
  • Programmable door access codes (up to 1000)
  • Serial connection for PC programming
  • Colour day/night camera with 6 infra-red LEDs
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  • Frame dimensions – 135mm (W) x 280.2mm (H)
  • Flush box dimensions – 120MM (W) x 263.2mm (H) x 45mm (D)
  • Voice annunciation – Yes
  • Max number of apartments – 1000
  • Number of buttons – 0-9. Enter, Clear, A-F
  • Lock output – Dry contact (C, NO & NC) timed (Programmable)
  • Power – 12Vdc
  • Systems – VX2200, VX2300
  • Push to exit input – Yes
  • Call reassurance tones – Yes
  • Coded Access – Yes (Up to 1000 codes up to 6 digits each)
  • Call progress information – 2 Line back lit LCD display and voice annunciation
  • Programming – Keypad/display and PC
  • Camera angle adjust – 10 degrees ball joint
  • Camera Input voltage – 20Vdc
  • Output – Balanced or 1Vp-p video (Selectable)
  • Anti-mist system – Yes
  • 4202/1//FV/C – Flush digital colour video panel (Vx2200)
  • 4202/1/FV/R/C – Flush digital colour video panel with name scroll (Vx2200)
  • 4202/1/SV/C – Surface digital colour video panel (Vx2200)
  • 4202/1/SV/R/C – Surface digital colour video panel with name scroll (Vx2200)
  • 4302F/C – Flush digital colour video panel (Vx2300)
  • 4302FR/C – Flush digital colour video panel with name scroll (Vx2300)
  • 4302S/C – Surface digital colour video panel (Vx2300)
  • 4302SR/C – Surface digital colour video panel with name scroll (Vx2300)
  • 4302FVR/C – Flush VR digital colour video panel (VX2300)
  • ALPHA – Add alpha letters A-L to VR panel